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Cookie Monster

Well, our 3-day weekend is quickly coming to an end. It’s been fun, but now it’s time to get ready to get the work-week started.

We had a great day, though. After our yummy breakfast, Anthony and I went for a nice 40-minute or so walk on this great greenway by the lake…


Love the lake views!


And, then I did a bit of shopping – I found a great deal on a swimsuit for our upcoming anniversary vacation…


Lunch was not that photogenic, but it was definitely delicious! Leftover tofu and veggie pad thai + some barbeque pop-chips.


We spent our afternoon just doing some things around the house….laundry, cleaning, and I got the urge to make another batch of dark chocolate chip cookies- so good…we each had 2 as an “appetizer”. 🙂


For dinner, Anthony grilled this great mahi-mahi and we added a baked sweet potato and a Greek salad…simple and delicious. The fish was so good and such a huge piece- I ate about half and I’ll probably take the other half for lunch tomorrow.


I’m off to spend the last few minutes of the weekend relaxing- see you tomorrow!


Happy Friday

Lucky girl…after getting to work early today, I was so excited when Heather and Michelle brought me this….Thanks girls!


Grande brewed coffee with cream…just what I needed at 7:30 am.

The smoothie sale was quite a success. Pam did a great job managing it, and we had awesome help from our patient volunteers and everyone from my department pitched in to help…what a great team! I had a blueberry banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder at about 11 am.


And, while the smoothie sale went on, my day was non-stop with patients and meetings. My last meeting of the day was with our great marketing staff. After a very productive discussion and planning session, I happily accepted this delicious chocolate chip cookie half on my way out the door….


I never miss meals…but with my busy day, I literally didn’t have time to stop for lunch…Luckily, the smoothie held me over relatively well until I got home at 4:30- then I had a late, late lunch of leftover whole-wheat pasta + meat sauce….


And, after a busy week – Friday night was spent lounging and relaxing with my husband – he picked up carryout for our late dinner – I chose one of my favorite salads from a great local place, Puleo’s…the Greek grilled chicken salad…perfect.


Anthony is the best husband- he even watched two of my favorite shows with me – Super Nanny and What Not to Wear….now, it’s time for bed. I actually have to work tomorrow, so it’s early to rise again. Have a great evening and good weekend.


Happy Birthday Amy and Anthony!

So, Anthony has truly had a birthday week! Even though his birthday was really Thursday, I’ve tried to celebrate for him a little every day this past week! My sister Amy’s birthday was yesterday, so after we left our Amazing Hot Springs Getaway this morning, we drove to my sister’s house for a joint family birthday party.

We were greeted by the newly walking Emma Kate (my niece)….


And, Owen is a great big brother and loves to help her with her new walking skills….


Dinner was grilled burgers, veggies, potato salad, and baked beans…


After dinner, it was gift time!! Emma Kate helped Anthony open his gifts….he got gift cards to one of his favorite places, Lowe’s…and a new wallet + some cash. Thank you, Mom, for planning such a nice party for us!


And, Amy got gift certificates to her favorite spa!


Cookie cake…


My slice + ice cream…


Owen loved the cookie + ice cream….


How did the weekend go by so fast?? Before we realized it, it was time to head home…before we left, I helped pack Owen’s lunch for pre-school- He just started a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe he’s just 3 and already going to school! Anyway, we packed him a delicious lunch…peanut butter sandwich, sunchips, yogurt, blueberries, and juice- sounds good to me- in the coolest Cars lunchbox!


I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m feeling rested and refreshed, but not quite ready for the weekend to be over. Oh well, gotta get ready for Monday anyway.