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Start of a 3-day week

Good morning! Hope you’ve had a good and restful weekend and are ready to get back to the regular routine.

I started with a delicious cup of hazelnut coffee with cream…


And, Kashi blueberry waffles with almond butter, blackberries, and a drizzle of syrup (Just call me Kashi) 🙂


I’m off to work…lots to do there and then I teach Sculpt and Rock Bottom later this afternoon. And, I’m only working 3 days this week…I’m taking Friday off for a fun adventure with my mom, my sister, Owen, and Emma Kate- so I have to focus to get everything done in 3 days!

Have a great day!

Happy Labor Day!


Oh the bliss! Sleeping in with no alarm clock = pure heaven.

We had a slow, lazy breakfast – pancakes with dark chocolate + berries + one scrambled egg and my favorite hazelnut coffee with cream…what a perfect start to the day.

I used my favorite pancake mix- Fiber One…


I love slow breakfasts…most weekday mornings I’m rushing around like a crazy person just trying to get ready and get out the door for work…so a leisurely breakfast is a treat.

On my agenda:

  • a walk with Anthony at a greenway/park
  • a little swimsuit shopping…I need one more suit before our upcoming anniversary trip!
  • a little more laziness before the work-week begins!

Movie review from last night:

  • New in Town- loved it! I’m a huge fan of Renee Zellwegger and I thought it was the perfect, light romantic comedy.
  • Last House on the Left- hated it! Can’t really give it a full review because we turned it off after about 30 minutes – we didn’t really get any suspense during the first 30 minutes, just negativity…not my kind of movie. I definitely wouldn’t recommend. But, we did turn it off after 30 minutes, so maybe it redeems itself later in the show.

I hope you’re having a great Holiday weekend!

See you later!

Banana Bread Banana Oats

Last night, Anthony’s parents gave us a few slices of homemade banana bread…one of my favorite. things. ever. As we were driving home, I was already imagining creating a yummy breakfast this morning.

Another one of my favorite things is being inspired by food bloggers with new meal ideas….yesterday morning, Kath had a delicious-looking breakfast of oats topped with a Massive Monster Muffin, so when Anthony’s parents gave us this banana bread, I started imagining a warm and creamy bowl of banana oats topped with crumbled banana bread….yum.

Homemade banana bread…it was full of walnuts and even had a few raisins…


Crumbled on top of banana oats with a bit of crunchy almond butter….


This was a very good combo- it needed maybe a little more crunch, so next time, I might add some walnuts on top and extra raisins…but, overall a delicious and filling warm breakfast on a gray and cloudy day.

We’re off to church- I have the pleasure of working in the Toddlers class again. 😉 Should be a fun morning.

Have a great Sunday!

Football Time in Tennessee

Happy Saturday!! How’s your day going so far?

I woke up around 7:30 this morning and powered up with cup of coffee #1. I headed to the gym to teach my first step class in 2, maybe even 3 years. Luckily for me, another instructor was able to teach at the last minute – so I gladly attended the class as a participant instead of the instructor- it was fun – maybe I’ll even have to think about starting to teach step again occasionally.

After class, I had a nice breakfast outside at Starbucks – the weather is amazing here today, there was still a bit of a chill in the air as I enjoyed my banana-walnut bread and Pike’s Place brew (cup of coffee #2)….


Then, I went shoe shopping! I took advantage of the fact that most of Knoxville was either at Neyland stadium or in front of their TVs for the first football game of the year…so, the shopping areas were pretty empty. I may have told you before…I’m a horrible shopper – meaning, I don’t really enjoy shopping, I’m super impatient,  and I usually can’t find clothes that I like, so I often go shopping and come home empty-handed. Today, I did great! I scored a great new pair of New Balance running shoes and some nice dressier shoes for work.

When I got home, lunch was leftovers from last night’s Drunken Noodles – seriously, the. best. meal. ever…even as leftovers. This photo totally doesn’t do it justice.


And, after being so busy for the last few weekends, we are so excited to have a day at home…Football on the couch. (I’m not even a big football fan), but this is a new era in Tennessee Football…new head coach Lane Kiffin….


And, even I was excited when TN scored 4 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter!


So, at halftime – it’s 28 – 0 – TENNESSEE – Go Vols!

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!

Step it Up!

Happy Friday night!!

Today was my department’s Silent Auction fundraiser for our upcoming walk….Different hospital departments provided baskets/items for auction and they were so creative….Here’s a few of the items up for grabs…Michelle’s football cake…so cute…


A great garden-themed basket – very impressive….


A Lady Vols basketball to be personalized by Coach Pat Summit….


Our department put together a basket full of coffee and teas…


Great job Dana, Michelle, and our volunteers for a successful fundraiser!

I had leftovers from Anthony’s great homecooked bean dinner for lunch today…delicious again!


After work, I decided a walk on the greenway was in order…


So relaxing with a beautiful view…


I walked by this guy several times…


After my walk, I got home and just wanted to relax- I crawled into my cool bed and relaxed for awhile before dinner. We went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and I had my favorite meal, Drunken Noodles, Pad Kee Mao + a glass of Chardonnay- possibly the most perfect meal ever!


Now, I’m trying to remember how to teach Step aerobics….my friend Tammye isn’t feeling well, so I’m going to step in for her 9 am class tomorrow- it’s been over 2 years since I’ve taught Step…hopefully it’s like riding a bike.

Hope you’ve had a great Friday….Goodnight!

Fall in Tennessee


What a beautiful morning! There is just a bit of a chill in the air- feels like the beginning of fall to me! I love it! And, this is the first big fall weekend in Knoxville- the kickoff of UT football! Plus Boomsday, one of the largest fireworks displays in the country, is coming up on Sunday night.

I started my morning with a delicious cup of hazelnut coffee with cream…SO GOOD. And, a bowl of Special K with chocolate + strawberries…Have you noticed that I somehow always manage to fit chocolate into my breakfast in some way? 🙂


Hope you have a great Friday! I’ve got to finish getting ready and head out the door to work….my schedule is pretty calm today- we are having a Silent Auction fundraiser at the hospital to raise money for our walk which is coming up quick…two weeks from tomorrow! And, I’m going to try to get some continuing education completed…my Certified Diabetes Educator certification is expiring soon and I’m behind on continuing education.

Have a great Friday- see you later!


Where do the hours go? I can’t believe it is almost 9:00 already.

Today was such a good day at work- just the right amount of busyness balanced with some down time to accomplish a little some catching up. This morning, I had one of my favorite snacks…this has to be the best yogurt ever.


Lunch was a delicious salad from our hospital cafeteria topped with a grilled chicken and veggie skewer…You know, hospitals get a bad rap for having bad food, but our hospital does a good job of offering some healthy options- you just have to make conscious choices.


After a couple of diabetes nutrition consults, I was “starving” later this afternoon…I found the perfect afternoon snack…a Fiber Plus bar + coffee with cream.


After work, I had the chance to take a great Body Step class – I don’t often make it to this class and I love it – it was a great workout and so much fun!!

My amazing husband made the best dinner tonight- his specialty – Southern Beans and Cornbread (yes- in a real cast iron skillet) – it was so good!


Now, I can’t wait to go spend a little more time with Anthony- I’m constantly aspiring to find more balance in my life…between work, family, fun, friends….as well as balance in my food. This week, my time with my husband hasn’t been as much as I would like…Gotta get in a little time with him now and can’t wait till the weekend!

Have a great evening…Goodnight!