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Happy Labor Day!


Oh the bliss! Sleeping in with no alarm clock = pure heaven.

We had a slow, lazy breakfast – pancakes with dark chocolate + berries + one scrambled egg and my favorite hazelnut coffee with cream…what a perfect start to the day.

I used my favorite pancake mix- Fiber One…


I love slow breakfasts…most weekday mornings I’m rushing around like a crazy person just trying to get ready and get out the door for work…so a leisurely breakfast is a treat.

On my agenda:

  • a walk with Anthony at a greenway/park
  • a little swimsuit shopping…I need one more suit before our upcoming anniversary trip!
  • a little more laziness before the work-week begins!

Movie review from last night:

  • New in Town- loved it! I’m a huge fan of Renee Zellwegger and I thought it was the perfect, light romantic comedy.
  • Last House on the Left- hated it! Can’t really give it a full review because we turned it off after about 30 minutes – we didn’t really get any suspense during the first 30 minutes, just negativity…not my kind of movie. I definitely wouldn’t recommend. But, we did turn it off after 30 minutes, so maybe it redeems itself later in the show.

I hope you’re having a great Holiday weekend!

See you later!

Fall in Tennessee


What a beautiful morning! There is just a bit of a chill in the air- feels like the beginning of fall to me! I love it! And, this is the first big fall weekend in Knoxville- the kickoff of UT football! Plus Boomsday, one of the largest fireworks displays in the country, is coming up on Sunday night.

I started my morning with a delicious cup of hazelnut coffee with cream…SO GOOD. And, a bowl of Special K with chocolate + strawberries…Have you noticed that I somehow always manage to fit chocolate into my breakfast in some way? 🙂


Hope you have a great Friday! I’ve got to finish getting ready and head out the door to work….my schedule is pretty calm today- we are having a Silent Auction fundraiser at the hospital to raise money for our walk which is coming up quick…two weeks from tomorrow! And, I’m going to try to get some continuing education completed…my Certified Diabetes Educator certification is expiring soon and I’m behind on continuing education.

Have a great Friday- see you later!

Black and Blue Oats


Good morning!

I started today with one of my favorite bowls:

  • banana oats
  • dark chocolate chips
  • blackberries + blueberries
  • crunchy almond butter


I hope you have a great Thursday ahead….I’m rushing off to work….See you later!

Favorite Breakfast Sandwich


Good morning! I started my day by fueling up with my new favorite breakfast sandwich. I saw my friend Tammye yesterday and she told me she had made it, which reminded me that I needed to have it again!

  • double fiber bread, toasted
  • creamy almond butter (with sea salt – my new favorite kind)
  • Nutella (I’m almost out, so just a tiny bit)
  • sliced banana
  • sliced strawberry

Sandwich perfection.

Now, I’m off to talk about Bariatric Surgery Nutrition to the new year of dietetic interns…I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great Tuesday!

Beautiful morning


Good morning! It almost feels like fall here today…there’s a bit of a chill in the air. I love it!

Breakfast was banana oats topped with dark chocolate, strawberries, and almond butter…perfect.

Today should be a relatively calm and fun day- I have a few nutrition consults and boot camp this afternoon! I have to enjoy these next two Monday nights because in two weeks our Monday night weight loss class starts back for the fall.

How is your Monday? Have a great day!

Special Guest x 2


What a perfect, slow morning. Anthony brought me coffee in bed and I just lazed around watching the news for awhile before I got up. I love slow mornings!

Breakfast was a blueberry-dark chocolate chip pancake topped with fresh berries + syrup….+ cup of coffee #2.

Anthony’s been outside all morning helping with the installation of our new heating and air unit….we found out a couple of weeks ago that it was getting ready to kick the bucket – pretty good considering it is over 20 years old!! So, we decided to make the investment before it totally died leaving us with no air conditioning in August.

I’m on my way to meet and pick up Special Guest #1. Special Guest #2 should be arriving a little later….can’t wait.

Have a great Saturday!

Snack Attack

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good Thursday so far!

My fruit breakfast was so delicious, but it left me hungry about 2 hours later…and, in my rush to get out of the house on time, I forgot my Fage yogurt snack! So, around 9:30, I found this peppermint patty to nibble on…


A couple of hours later, I was starving! I had seen a few diabetes nutrition consults but didn’t have time to stop for lunch, so I had this Glucerna bar from our stash of office samples.


After my two morning snacks…I wasn’t really hungry for lunch. I had a break for a couple of hours this afternoon. I got to come home and do some laundry and some cooking…Since I wasn’t really that hungry, over the course of the afternoon, I nibbled on some sweet potato chips…


And fruit….


Sort of an unusual day of eating for me, but I think it reinforces to me that I really need my protein with breakfast…starting out with fruit only, I just felt hungry all day.

This evening, I did a presentation on Eating Well for Optimum Health at our local National Kidney Foundation office….doing speaking engagements like this is one of the highlights of my job – I absolutely love it! There were probably about 15 people there, and we had a great discussion. This afternoon, on my break, I had time to throw together a lasagna- I hadn’t made one in a while…I made it with lean ground beef and whole-wheat pasta. Since I knew I’d be working late, I thought it would be nice to come home to a pre-made dinner. When I walked in the house after my presentation, my sweet husband had brought me these….


He is so good! I’ve been tired (and a bit grumpy) the last few days and I think this is his way of making me smile!

Dinner was homemade lasagna, garlic bread, and a yummy salad.


A couple of Questions and Answers from the last couple of days…

1. I can tell you don’t count calories, but what are your eating guidelines? For example, Cristin at Eat Like Me recomends and follows the Food Pyramid guide, which have been very helpful. Thanks.

I don’t really follow any specific guidelines. I don’t count calories, but my estimate is that I average around 2000 calories most days. I try to always eat lots of fruits and veggies. I try to have a lean protein, a healthy carbohydrate, and a fruit and/or vegetable at each meal. And, I really focus on eating mindfully and listening to my hunger and fullness cues…that has been huge for me personally….stopping eating when I’m “comfortably satisfied”, not “stuffed” or even “overly full”. Hope that helps a bit.

2. Hi – new reader – just wondering — do you make your own sweet potato fries or buy pre-made?

I do a little of both- with my burger last night, I made them homemade…just a sliced sweet potato drizzled with EVOO, salt and pepper, and roasted at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. I also often use the frozen Alexia brand…love them and they are so easy.


3. I love mangoes but have no idea how to choose them. Any tips?!

I go by the texture. If the mango flesh gives slightly when you apply a little pressure- it is usually ripe. If it feels completely firm, I pass. I also usually smell it- don’t know if that really helps but I feel like I can smell the ripe mango smell when it is ripe.

Thanks as always for reading!