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Cookie Monster

Well, our 3-day weekend is quickly coming to an end. It’s been fun, but now it’s time to get ready to get the work-week started.

We had a great day, though. After our yummy breakfast, Anthony and I went for a nice 40-minute or so walk on this great greenway by the lake…


Love the lake views!


And, then I did a bit of shopping – I found a great deal on a swimsuit for our upcoming anniversary vacation…


Lunch was not that photogenic, but it was definitely delicious! Leftover tofu and veggie pad thai + some barbeque pop-chips.


We spent our afternoon just doing some things around the house….laundry, cleaning, and I got the urge to make another batch of dark chocolate chip cookies- so good…we each had 2 as an “appetizer”. 🙂


For dinner, Anthony grilled this great mahi-mahi and we added a baked sweet potato and a Greek salad…simple and delicious. The fish was so good and such a huge piece- I ate about half and I’ll probably take the other half for lunch tomorrow.


I’m off to spend the last few minutes of the weekend relaxing- see you tomorrow!


Oodles of Noodles

This girl is definitely not afraid of carbohydrates! After my amazing dinner of Drunken Noodles on Friday, today we hit up a new place in town for lunch, Pei Wei.


It is a casual dining bistro owned by P.F. Chang. I loved the Mandarin Green Tea.

For lunch, I ordered Vegetable and Tofu Pad Thai – the lighting wasn’t great, but the food was fantastic-I totally enjoyed it…and the service was super-quick.


The website also has all of the nutritional information, which I love. I ate about half- which was perfect and the rest will be awesome later.

Dessert: Fortune cookies – Anthony’s and mine….I love fortunes!


Now, we’re spending the afternoon lounging around lazily – I love it…the perfect Sunday.

I just had a great snack – some berries drizzled with Nutella – perfection.


Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Football Time in Tennessee

Happy Saturday!! How’s your day going so far?

I woke up around 7:30 this morning and powered up with cup of coffee #1. I headed to the gym to teach my first step class in 2, maybe even 3 years. Luckily for me, another instructor was able to teach at the last minute – so I gladly attended the class as a participant instead of the instructor- it was fun – maybe I’ll even have to think about starting to teach step again occasionally.

After class, I had a nice breakfast outside at Starbucks – the weather is amazing here today, there was still a bit of a chill in the air as I enjoyed my banana-walnut bread and Pike’s Place brew (cup of coffee #2)….


Then, I went shoe shopping! I took advantage of the fact that most of Knoxville was either at Neyland stadium or in front of their TVs for the first football game of the year…so, the shopping areas were pretty empty. I may have told you before…I’m a horrible shopper – meaning, I don’t really enjoy shopping, I’m super impatient,  and I usually can’t find clothes that I like, so I often go shopping and come home empty-handed. Today, I did great! I scored a great new pair of New Balance running shoes and some nice dressier shoes for work.

When I got home, lunch was leftovers from last night’s Drunken Noodles – seriously, the. best. meal. ever…even as leftovers. This photo totally doesn’t do it justice.


And, after being so busy for the last few weekends, we are so excited to have a day at home…Football on the couch. (I’m not even a big football fan), but this is a new era in Tennessee Football…new head coach Lane Kiffin….


And, even I was excited when TN scored 4 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter!


So, at halftime – it’s 28 – 0 – TENNESSEE – Go Vols!

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


Where do the hours go? I can’t believe it is almost 9:00 already.

Today was such a good day at work- just the right amount of busyness balanced with some down time to accomplish a little some catching up. This morning, I had one of my favorite snacks…this has to be the best yogurt ever.


Lunch was a delicious salad from our hospital cafeteria topped with a grilled chicken and veggie skewer…You know, hospitals get a bad rap for having bad food, but our hospital does a good job of offering some healthy options- you just have to make conscious choices.


After a couple of diabetes nutrition consults, I was “starving” later this afternoon…I found the perfect afternoon snack…a Fiber Plus bar + coffee with cream.


After work, I had the chance to take a great Body Step class – I don’t often make it to this class and I love it – it was a great workout and so much fun!!

My amazing husband made the best dinner tonight- his specialty – Southern Beans and Cornbread (yes- in a real cast iron skillet) – it was so good!


Now, I can’t wait to go spend a little more time with Anthony- I’m constantly aspiring to find more balance in my life…between work, family, fun, friends….as well as balance in my food. This week, my time with my husband hasn’t been as much as I would like…Gotta get in a little time with him now and can’t wait till the weekend!

Have a great evening…Goodnight!

Un-Intuitive Eating

Hey everyone!! How are you?

Today has been non-stop….I started out with a payroll system training class at work, some paperwork catch-up, and then I had to drive about 30 minutes to do a lunchtime presentation at a local business. For the 2nd day in a row, I knew lunch would be late, so I grabbed a pre-lunch snack on my way….


I love Vivannos – they are so great for a quick snack!

My lunch presentation went well…it was for a wellness program for a small, local business. About 20 people showed up, which was a great turnout. The topic was Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cholesterol. We had a great, interactive discussion – fun time!

On my way back to work at nearly 2:00, I stopped by Moe’s and had a vegetarian burrito…the Art Vandalay- love it!! It was so good that I definitely overate. I ate nearly the entire burrito, + about half of the chips….I was satisfied after half the burrito…but, it was so good, I kept eating anyway. You can teach Intuitive Eating and totally believe in it and practice it well most of the time…but, nobody’s perfect! I was definitely over-full after lunch. Life is a learning process.


This afternoon, I met with my great co-workers, Heather and Chad, to put some finishing touches on the plans for our new session of weight loss classes that begins on September 14. We had a productive meeting and made some progress with the schedule/class agenda.

Tonight was our monthly girls’ night dinner. There were 4 of us tonight- we all happen to be dietitians…Sandy and Brenda, who work in pediatrics, and Heather (my co-worker and friend) and I. We ended up at Bonefish Grille….I had a delicious salmon and asparagus salad + an amazing glass of sangria – what a perfect meal.


Dinner was delicious and the company was great- always a fun night of discussion!

I’m so happy to be home now…Anthony just got home from a night of fishing- I can’t wait to go spend some time with him. See you tomorrow.


Back to School

I had so much fun going back to school this morning. I felt like a college student again walking across campus.

Since Starbucks is so close to campus, I “needed” a tall latte on my way to class 🙂


I had a great time talking to the dietetic interns about bariatric surgery…the discussion included…

  • United States Obesity Rates
  • Morbid Obesity and BMI
  • criteria to be considered for bariatric surgery
  • the 3 types of surgery that our surgeons perform….gastric banding, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve
  • Nutritional guidelines following surgery
  • long-term follow-up

It was a fun class and I really enjoyed being back on a college campus. And, I’ll look forward to seeing the interns again when they begin their rotations in January.

After the lecture was over, I had to hurry to the hospital to see a diabetes nutrition consult…it was already nearly noon and I hadn’t had time for lunch so I grabbed a smoothie to hold me over- a chocolate shredder + banana. This was so good and so filling – I wasn’t hungry again until 2:30.


After my diabetes consult, the rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on charting, paperwork, and preparing for tomorrow’s presentation, “Lifestyle Changes to Improve your Cholesterol”, that I’m doing for a local business’ wellness program. During all of that, I had a late lunch from the hospital cafe…grilled cheese sandwich + small salad.


Gotta run- laundry and dishes are calling my name….I’m looking forward to a quiet night at home and Anthony and I want to get a walk in later….still have to figure out what’s for dinner…Any easy, quick dinner suggestions?? For some reason, I don’t have any real inspiration for what to have tonight.

Have a great evening!

Deliciously Odd Dinner Combo

What a productive day – it has flown by- I guess that means it was busy!

After a morning at the wellness center and a weight loss nutrition consult, I had a Subway lunch at my desk – roast beef +provolone on honey oat with all the veggies, Sun Chips, and diet coke.


My afternoon patient canceled, which worked out well because I needed some time to update my presentation I’m doing tomorrow for our local university’s dietetic internship class. For the last 6 years or so, I have been a preceptor for the dietetic internship, which means each intern spends a week with me and my co-worker Heather, observing and helping with wellness and weight management projects. Since our hospital is the primary place they receive bariatric surgery experience, tomorrow I am going to do a lecture for the upcoming class on Bariatric Surgery Nutrition….again, speaking to groups is one of my favorite parts of my job and I love speaking to the students!

I also ended up teaching Boot Camp class today- man, was it a good workout. My co-worker Chad teaches the class most Mondays and I am the backup instructor – I used to teach all the time, but I found that I enjoy taking the class more than teaching. It was a great workout though and I had a lot of fun teaching today!

When I got home, I was starving…and I had two of these home-baked goodies…


Dinner was an odd combo- but delicious. Grilled chicken salad + roasted broccoli + Annie’s shells and white cheddar.


Yum- an unplanned dinner, but it came together perfectly!

Hope you’ve had a great Monday…I’m heading to bed early tonight…Goodnight!