Where do the hours go? I can’t believe it is almost 9:00 already.

Today was such a good day at work- just the right amount of busyness balanced with some down time to accomplish a little some catching up. This morning, I had one of my favorite snacks…this has to be the best yogurt ever.


Lunch was a delicious salad from our hospital cafeteria topped with a grilled chicken and veggie skewer…You know, hospitals get a bad rap for having bad food, but our hospital does a good job of offering some healthy options- you just have to make conscious choices.


After a couple of diabetes nutrition consults, I was “starving” later this afternoon…I found the perfect afternoon snack…a Fiber Plus bar + coffee with cream.


After work, I had the chance to take a great Body Step class – I don’t often make it to this class and I love it – it was a great workout and so much fun!!

My amazing husband made the best dinner tonight- his specialty – Southern Beans and Cornbread (yes- in a real cast iron skillet) – it was so good!


Now, I can’t wait to go spend a little more time with Anthony- I’m constantly aspiring to find more balance in my life…between work, family, fun, friends….as well as balance in my food. This week, my time with my husband hasn’t been as much as I would like…Gotta get in a little time with him now and can’t wait till the weekend!

Have a great evening…Goodnight!


10 responses to “Balance

  1. Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum

    Oh goodness, cornbread sounds so good right now. Especially your authentic cast iron skillet kind! Lovely eats! Have a great day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Southern beans with cornbread sounds amazing! I just made cornbread the other day, and was hankering after chili or baked beans.

    Hope you have a lovely evening with Anthony!

  3. mmmmmm those beans look delicious!!!! my mom works at a hospital too so when i was younger i would eat a lot there when i went in with her. i agree, if you look hard you can definitely have some healthy options!

  4. Mia {runs and rests}

    Oh my goodness! The cornbread looks so good.
    Hope you rest well and have a balanced weekend! 😀

  5. You lunch definitely didn’t look like hospital food. Yum!

    I need to teach my husband to cook. I like to cook, but I also like the idea of coming home to dinner on the table. He would like to try, but it nervous in the kitchen!

  6. That is awesome that you have decent food at your hospital. Hospitals usually get a bad wrap for the food service, and in some cases for good reason. Our hospital had so-so food. The problem was that there was not many vegetarian options. It was really only salad (expensive and still rising) or pizza. It seems the chefs REALLY liked to add chicken base to everything. Even the sauce on the fish (and I do eat fish) had chicken base in the sauce. This made it difficult to eat in the cafeteria, so most days I brought my lunch. Glad to see you have good options. Is your food service run by the hospital or contracted?

  7. This week at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center our theme was “balance” and we talked about how to create better balance in relationships, work, and fun. It was a great talk, with a lot of quotes from Richard Carlson who wrote “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. Great book. That and “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life”. This book changed my life!!

  8. How have I not tried Fage yet? I need!

  9. I have to agree, Fage is the best! Though my fave is with cherries.

  10. The beans and cornbread combo looks fantastic!! I need to stop reading so I don’t drool. 😛

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