Dinner inspiration


Thanks for your great quick dinner suggestions!!

Mia- I was thinking the same as you- I decided on a veggie scramble + whole wheat toast with peach butter and blackberry preserves….quick, healthy, and delicious.

I’ll definitely keep the other ideas in mind…Sean- the shrimp sounds great but we didn’t have any on hand, Katey- I love the idea of fried rice, April – I always love salad, and Gina and Mandy both had great taco suggestions…You guys are all so awesome and so creative with your meal ideas!!



Have a great night everyone…We’re watching a bit more America’s Got Talent and heading to bed.



6 responses to “Dinner inspiration

  1. The veggie scramble looks yummy, and so does the cookie 🙂 Have a lovely and relaxing night!

  2. Yum! Good dinner choice 🙂 Eggs are always quick and easy!

  3. Those were great suggestions. I might steal a couple!

  4. Great srambled eggs 🙂

  5. Yumminess! Have you ever made a tofu scramble? They seriously beat the ones with eggs – I am totally hooked on them!

  6. you can always rely on the bloggies for killer food ideas!

    that cookie is making my crave chocolate.. grabbing a chocolate vitamuffin now 🙂

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