Deliciously Odd Dinner Combo

What a productive day – it has flown by- I guess that means it was busy!

After a morning at the wellness center and a weight loss nutrition consult, I had a Subway lunch at my desk – roast beef +provolone on honey oat with all the veggies, Sun Chips, and diet coke.


My afternoon patient canceled, which worked out well because I needed some time to update my presentation I’m doing tomorrow for our local university’s dietetic internship class. For the last 6 years or so, I have been a preceptor for the dietetic internship, which means each intern spends a week with me and my co-worker Heather, observing and helping with wellness and weight management projects. Since our hospital is the primary place they receive bariatric surgery experience, tomorrow I am going to do a lecture for the upcoming class on Bariatric Surgery Nutrition….again, speaking to groups is one of my favorite parts of my job and I love speaking to the students!

I also ended up teaching Boot Camp class today- man, was it a good workout. My co-worker Chad teaches the class most Mondays and I am the backup instructor – I used to teach all the time, but I found that I enjoy taking the class more than teaching. It was a great workout though and I had a lot of fun teaching today!

When I got home, I was starving…and I had two of these home-baked goodies…


Dinner was an odd combo- but delicious. Grilled chicken salad + roasted broccoli + Annie’s shells and white cheddar.


Yum- an unplanned dinner, but it came together perfectly!

Hope you’ve had a great Monday…I’m heading to bed early tonight…Goodnight!


10 responses to “Deliciously Odd Dinner Combo

  1. Thanks so much for replying to my questions about my diabetes rotation. You gave some excellent advice. I’m really excited just to be in the hospital and to be making a difference in patients’ lives…no matter how small.

    So neat that you are a preceptor…we dietetic interns really appreciate all you do!

  2. Your dinner looks cheese-a-licious with the feta on top of the salad and the mac-n-cheese.

    I’ve also started eating Sun Chips (partially because I kept seeing you eat it! And it’s a fav of my colleagues for lunch as well). I don’t think I”ve seen the spicy chipotle in the local markets yet. Is it a new flavor? I like the the garden/salsa ones.

  3. Your dinner looks great – sometimes unplanned dinners turn out the best! 🙂

    Good Night!

  4. Angie, where are you from? That is so cool that you are a preceptor to interns – you seem like you would be so fun/interesting to learn from! I hope to work under someone as cool as you when I go through my internship!

  5. i’ve been wanting to play the scrabble at subway..your soda cup reminded me of that!

  6. Did you find the chips spicy or was it just me over reacting?

    Love you dinner!!

    • Priyanka – I thought they were great- I don’t like things super-spicy, but I thought the chips were just right.

  7. I love unplanned dinners like that, just grabing stuff from the fridge and seeing what you can come up with, looks yummy and I love the Subway meal, I’m starting to get addicted to those. Trouble is there’s one close to my work and I’m always tempted on my lunch break 🙂

  8. Good luck doing the speech!!!!!!!!!!!!

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