Beautiful morning


Good morning! It almost feels like fall here today…there’s a bit of a chill in the air. I love it!

Breakfast was banana oats topped with dark chocolate, strawberries, and almond butter…perfect.

Today should be a relatively calm and fun day- I have a few nutrition consults and boot camp this afternoon! I have to enjoy these next two Monday nights because in two weeks our Monday night weight loss class starts back for the fall.

How is your Monday? Have a great day!


12 responses to “Beautiful morning

  1. It’s chilly here too- summer is definitely over 😦 (but YAY for fall foods!)

    Enjoy your Monday!

  2. I’m enjoying my Monday so far as it’s a Bank Hoilday and I’m not working 🙂 although the weather is typical for today, chilly and cloudy, but that’s not going to dampen my spirits 😉

  3. I love a day that starts with chocolate! I have been oatmeal free for awhile now, that might have to change… 😀

  4. I enjoyed the cooler weather here in TN myself this morning! 🙂

    Beautiful breakfast! 🙂

    Have fun at boot camp tonight!

  5. Boy, the fall is surely on its way. Almost every blog post I read today mentions the weather and has oatmeal for breakfast (including mine!).

    I love fall though, and the rich comforting foods that come with it.

  6. Bah it’s rainy/cloudy over here in Georgia. Class kinda dragged on but I managed. Working out in a little bit woot

  7. I wish it was Fall everyday! It was not SWELTERING in North Carolina today–in the 70s and I looooooved it. Come on, my beautiful Fall, come on!

  8. I definitely noticed that chill this morning too, when I was heading off to the gym. The air smells cleaner, but I’m sad that summer is over (fall is my second favorite season though!).

    Had a yummy lunch so I’m very content today 😉 Hope you have an awesome Monday!!!

  9. Beautiful morning? How about beautiful breakfast! Your picture is smashing today! I love it. My monday is going well…moving (slowly) along…

  10. Hope Boot Camp went well for ya! Happy Monday

  11. Mia {runs and rests}

    It’s still hot here in Japan but the days have become noticeably shorter. Not good for me as I run evenings. :s Yay for fall foods though.

    Your cookies from the previous post look so wonderfully delicious. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Thanks! 😀

  12. It’s chilly here today too. I love the foods of fall but nothing beats summertime weather, I’m sad to see it leaving already 😦

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