Special Guest x 2


What a perfect, slow morning. Anthony brought me coffee in bed and I just lazed around watching the news for awhile before I got up. I love slow mornings!

Breakfast was a blueberry-dark chocolate chip pancake topped with fresh berries + syrup….+ cup of coffee #2.

Anthony’s been outside all morning helping with the installation of our new heating and air unit….we found out a couple of weeks ago that it was getting ready to kick the bucket – pretty good considering it is over 20 years old!! So, we decided to make the investment before it totally died leaving us with no air conditioning in August.

I’m on my way to meet and pick up Special Guest #1. Special Guest #2 should be arriving a little later….can’t wait.

Have a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Special Guest x 2

  1. i live for slow mornings šŸ™‚ nothing like getting a nice relaxing start to your day! happy saturday, doll! ā¤

  2. slow mornings are my favorite! especially when coffee is involved! that breakfast looks beautiful AND delicious!

  3. I love mornings like that where you don’t have to rush around and do anything and especially coffee in bed šŸ™‚ and a breakfast like yours so indulgent and tasty.

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