New Cereal Love

Good Morning! Coffee first…


And, I tried a “new to me” cereal…Trader Joe’s 9 Whole Grain Crunch…I loved it – and love the protein, fiber, and Omega-3 content!


Add berries = delicious!!


I’m on my way to work at the wellness center today…manager-on-duty shift, which means I just make sure things are running smoothly, and I cover for the front desk staff, fitness floor staff, and lifeguards to take their lunch breaks. We also have a bariatric surgery informational seminar happening there today too…so – lots of stuff. Should be a good day – and I’ll be finished at 2, so the weekend can really begin.

Have a great Saturday!


10 responses to “New Cereal Love

  1. Hope your workday passes by quickly so that your weekend can really start…. 😉

    I’m not a big cereal person, but the cereal looks and sounds really good. I’ll have to pick up a box next time I’m at TJ’s.

  2. lookingforserenity

    aah.. I really wish I had a trader joes by my house! sadly, I do not.

  3. I’m going to TJs today!! Did that cereal taste like granola? Cereal? or both? It sure looks tasty and just as good out of the box as it does on the cover.

  4. Wish I had a TJ’s here 😦 The breakfast sounds so good!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hi Angie, your breakfast bowl and coffee never cease to amaze me. Yummy 🙂

  6. That cereal looks great! I hope you have a lovely Saturday 🙂

  7. mmm the cereal looks good! i can’t remember if i’ve tried it before – i keep experiementing with all those TJ’s cereals!

  8. hey angie! just wanted to thank you so much for visiting my blog 🙂 i see i found yours just in time for a new cereal.. woo! there’s nothing like a good ol’ boy of cereal to start the day 🙂 unfortunately for me, i have never stepped foot in to a trader joes! i know, talk about a tragedy!

    can’t wait to continue reading girl – adding you to my blogroll now 🙂

  9. Angie, we missed you today at Weekend Warriors. As usual, Tammye did an awesome job of kicking our butts!!

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