Happy Friday

Lucky girl…after getting to work early today, I was so excited when Heather and Michelle brought me this….Thanks girls!


Grande brewed coffee with cream…just what I needed at 7:30 am.

The smoothie sale was quite a success. Pam did a great job managing it, and we had awesome help from our patient volunteers and everyone from my department pitched in to help…what a great team! I had a blueberry banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder at about 11 am.


And, while the smoothie sale went on, my day was non-stop with patients and meetings. My last meeting of the day was with our great marketing staff. After a very productive discussion and planning session, I happily accepted this delicious chocolate chip cookie half on my way out the door….


I never miss meals…but with my busy day, I literally didn’t have time to stop for lunch…Luckily, the smoothie held me over relatively well until I got home at 4:30- then I had a late, late lunch of leftover whole-wheat pasta + meat sauce….


And, after a busy week – Friday night was spent lounging and relaxing with my husband – he picked up carryout for our late dinner – I chose one of my favorite salads from a great local place, Puleo’s…the Greek grilled chicken salad…perfect.


Anthony is the best husband- he even watched two of my favorite shows with me – Super Nanny and What Not to Wear….now, it’s time for bed. I actually have to work tomorrow, so it’s early to rise again. Have a great evening and good weekend.



4 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. it’s nice once in a while to have a loooong day – especially when there’s a weekend afterwards!

  2. What a nice thing that your husband did with you after a long day!

    As a fellow male, I know it’s pretty difficult to sit through those shows, let alone both!

  3. Sorry that your weekend hasn’t really started yet…

    Your salad looks like my kind of meal…

  4. Salad looks really nice, so sorry that you have to work tomorrow!

    Have a great night!

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