Why do you read?


Breakfast today was an awesome cereal combo:

  • Special K with chocolate
  • pecan hemp “grawnola”
  • strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries
  • 1% milk

Awesome start to the day!

I’ve been reading some interesting posts over the last few days regarding blog post quantity vs. quality. I think much of the discussion was stimulated by a presentation at the Healthy Living Summit last weekend (I didn’t go, and I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos yet, but I plan to).

I started my blog as a way to share how a normal, busy, newlywed who happens to be a dietitian eats in real life…hopefully to share some nutrition tips, but also to share that in order to eat well and be healthy, you don’t have to be perfect. Since I was inspired by reading Self Eat Like Me and KERF who both post 3 meals a day, I began with that intention. I quickly realized that in my busy life, 3 times a day was not happening. I’ve settled comfortably into posting 2 times a day most days.

I also enjoy reading blogs for several reasons…

  • I love food!
  • I love to get new ideas about meals/new foods to try.
  • It is a neat way to connect with others who are also aspiring to live a healthy life.

I’m curious…

1. If you have a blog, how often do you post and why?

2. If you enjoy reading blogs, how often do you like to read…Is 3 times a day too much? Once a day? Once a week?

3. Why do you read blogs? What keeps you coming back to certain blogs?

I’d love to hear from bloggers and non-bloggers alike…if you’re a reader, but don’t have your own blog, you are still welcome and encouraged to comment any time!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!


22 responses to “Why do you read?

  1. Hi Angie! I don’t have a blog, but I enjoy reading them because they are full of so many food ideas. Also, the tone of most blogs is usually upbeat and happy, so it leaves me feeling good and often laughing or smiling. I am a student, so this summer I was able to read 3 times a day, but during the school year I usually only read once or twice a day.

  2. Great questions. I post once every other day, I simply don’t have enough material to post about any more than that. My meals aren’t THAT exciting.
    I read posts about 3 times a day, an hour in the morning, maybe 20 minutes in the middle of the day, and about an hour at night.
    I have been known to follow a blog, then stop following, which happens when I realize I just am not into the material as much as I thought I was. I don’t read blogs just to read them and comment, I read them to learn info, get new recipes, and get to know people who have similar passions as me!

  3. Hi Angie! I am a non-blogger, and I follow your blog and the “Eat Like Me” blog. I really enjoy and appreciate your practical approach to eating, espcially the message that we don’t have to eat “perfectly” 100% of the time (because in my life that is just not possible!). Thank you for sharing your message of living an overall healthy lifestyle in a practical way with all of us, you are doing a wonderful job! Also, I probably check your blog and Eat Like Me about 10 minutes in the morning, maybe once in the afternoon (to break up the workday a little) and sometimes after dinner as well.

  4. I post about once a day; I don’t have time for more. I also keep my posts pretty short (usually), again often because of time. My blog is a way for me to document my attempts to make healthy choices and to find balance. I also like to document some of the fun times in our lives. I also want it to a place where I can keep track of my recipes (but I have to work on that – it’s a bit “messy” right now…).

    I like reading other blogs because I love finding inspirations in what others are doing. Plus, I really like the different voices in all the blogs I read. It’s also really neat to get to know other bloggers via their blogs, comments and email.

    I have found that blogging, and more so reading blogs, is taking up lots of my time. I truly enjoy reading every single blog that comes up in my Google reader. But sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are so many new posts, especially if I take a little break… I feel like I don’t want to miss anything but it’s almost impossible to read it all….

  5. I don’t have a blog, but I’ve got a whole load of blogs I follow! For the purposes of this blog, I really feel that 2-3 times a day is acceptable. It is a food blog, after all!

    Like Jenny, this blog leaves me feeling inspired and upbeat (and HUNGRY!)… there’s so much negativity everywhere else. Keep it up!

  6. I read blogs throughout the day as I have time…If I have time. I like food ideas and recipe ideas and lots of the writers are kind of humorous and make me smile.

    I post once a day usually in the morning because its the only time I have to get it done. I like blogging as a way for me to remember why I eat and exercise the way I do. I like being able to look back at ideas I had and remind myself of how they helped or not.

  7. My idea of starting a blog was to give the correct info on nutrition and also to bust the myth that eating healthy means only eating ‘salads and fruits’. I first started out with only articles,then by request started posting recipes for the dishes I make on a regular basis.
    I used to post very regularly till sometime back-now,somehow I seem to be having a ‘writer’s block’!! Hoping to get back ASAP 😉

  8. I tried to start off a blog but found it way too much work, so i post on and off, like once in a blue moon.
    GUESS i wanted to blog to just put my thoughts down and maybe make some like minded friends.
    I read my favourite blogs (like yours) about twice a day, sometimes, i skim them coz they are way too long to read, too wordy, or the layout isn’t reader friendly. Mostly i read these blogs to get ideas on food, to learn more about life outside of where i live (in another hemisphere) and primarily i wanted to learn to eat nutritionally sound. to gain inspiration to try to breakout of my hang-ups / ED

  9. oh yes! i forgot, thank you to you for your blog and Eat Like Me for inspiring me to live a healthy life of everything in moderation… am still learning and trying to break free! 😛 love your blog!

  10. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    Hi there! I post about once a day, usually at night…but sometimes less frequently on the weekends when I’m busy just livin’ life! 🙂

    I think it’s hard to keep up with blogs that post more than two times a day…but I love to read blogs that motivate me to live a healthy life and give great ideas for meals and/or exercise!

  11. 1. I tried to post everyday when I first started, but found it time consuming (I don’t just post my eats, I post interesting ideas, my thoughts, creative foods, new products, etc. which takes a lot of effort for someone who needs to edit a ton!). Once school starts in the Fall, I might have to post 2-3xs a week or find some other method to make blog posting faster.

    2. I read a few times a day, but that’s because I’m on summer break. I think 3xs is a little much (since I read ~30 blogs)…but each blogger has their own style so I read what I can 🙂

    3. I read blogs because of one of the following reasons:
    a) Creative cooking techniques (aka green smoothies)
    b) Posts on interesting/innovative theories about nutrition, health, exercise (Heather Eats Almond Butter does this quite often, most recently the exercise article)
    c) I like bonding with those who have the same interests as I do—the people in the blog community are fabulous! d) Finding new products that everyone likes (amazing grass, artisana, etc.)

    Can you tell I have an engineering background from the way I formatted my answers? Haha, I just noticed that everyone wrote back in a nice paragraph format 🙂

  12. i read different blogs for different reasons; yours i read because it shows a healthy, balanced yet fun diet of someone who really knows her stuff, nutrition-wise! other blogs i read because i share their struggle with AN.
    too many posts can be difficult to catch up with however i don’t find that with yours because they are short & snappy with great pictures!

    i try to post every day or every other day. otherwise i feel like i’m boring people, haha!

    L. x

  13. 1) I used to post twice a day–once at breakfast and once for lunch + dinner. That’s changing into once a day once school starts, I think.

    2) I read at morning and night

    3) I read to get new recipes and ideas, and also because I love the people!

  14. Interesting post, and something that has been on my mind a lot lately! I was blogging daily. My blog isn’t just food so it was time consuming coming up with things to talk about so am not posting daily anymore…got tired of my own thoughts 😛 I read a LOT of blogs- I have a system…the blogs I read are kind of divided into blogs I read and blogs I respond to (no hard and fast rules- if I have something to say, I’ll say it, and if not, I keep quiet!) but there are the blogs I spend time reading and looking over and the ones I skim for ideas/inspiration. The ones I DO pay a lot of attention to are people that, in my mind, are promoting a healthy lifestyle or something I am striving towards. I have started veering away from blogs that condone attitudes that I am trying to shake.

  15. I’ve been hearing about this too, and have yet to watch the summit 😉 I try to post at least 3-4 x/week. I feel this is the best number for me and my sanity and to fill my posts with enough thought. I guess I feel if I posted all the time I wouldn’t have enough to say? Maybe not. But mostly just the time factor. I usually make that many meals per week, so I don’t want to just post pictures of leftovers, although I love them and often put them in new dishes and will post about them if I have enough time and feel that they are worthy. There goes my perfect thinking again!
    If I could I would read blogs all day! haha but that’s not really possible, and to tell the truth it’s impossible to keep up with blogs that post 3x/day. I much prefer keeping up with once a day or even less. I just love the blogging community. Everyone is so unique and has some wonderful ideas and personalities. I also love food photography and would like to get better at it. I love to blog because I enjoy spreading the word that healthy cooking can be fun. I really like to comment on blogs too, just to get a voice and presence out there.

  16. I had been reading that too and wondered first what my direction of the blog was exactly and then how often I should post.

    After thinking about it I decided I just post when I want to and when something comes up, because as much as I love to read comments and meet new bloggie friends, it is still a journal for myself so hopefully my sometimes over posting or sometimes underposting doesnt push people away.

  17. I post once a day! When I am busy with school, it is hard for me to catch up with blogs that post x3 a day!

    I think reading blogs has not only exposed me various new food ideas but also some great organizational tips, lifestyle tips etc!

  18. lookingforserenity

    I post whenever I have time, and read about the same time! I like to read blogs because they give me inspiration to eat healthy- and treat my body right! I also get to hear reviews on products I want to try! I come back to certain blogs because they are extra inspiring, or I relate to the writer in some way

  19. I have a blog, and although I used to update it 3x a day, I’ve cut waaay back due to a new job. I started it as a way to keep accountable and track my weight loss journey.

    Before I got my new job I was obsessed with so many food blogs. I was spending hours reading 1-2x per day. I cut back to just a few, because some seemed to be obsessed with raw foods or veganism. I respect everyone’s choices, but some bloggers seemed a little too obsessive. Some bordered on eating disorders IMO.

    Needless to say, the blogs that I still read portray a more “realistic” approach to eating, which is the type of example I need to continue to lose weight.

  20. 1. I do have a blog and usually post a few times a week. I’ve tried posting 2-3 times per day, and it just gets to be too much, especially trying to come up with new and interesting things to write about. Plus, a lot of my meals are the same, and that gets boring after a while.
    2. I check my google reader a couple of times per day. I’m okay with someone posting 2-3 times per day as long as the posts are constructive and not posted just to put something out there. A lot of bloggers get samples to try, and after they start showing up a lot, I usually skip those posts because I’m tired of reading about the same thing. An example of this is the abundance of Amazing Green posts.
    3. I mainly read blogs to get recipe and meal ideas. There are some bloggers I relate to more than others and I’ll follow those blogs more closely.

  21. I have a blog and try to post daily… there is NO way i’d be able to post 2-3x a day.. 4 kids and a husband, just ain’t gonna happen! 😉 lol!! And really, I don’t want to be on the computer that much… lifes too short!

    I’ll read my fave blogs every other day’ish… other blogs I pop into a couple times a week. Won’t check over and over again for updates however…

    I’ll read blogs that either:
    a) Make me laugh
    b) Inspire me with meal ideas
    c) Just appeal to me in general (like someone who would be a good “friend”.. kwim? So someone who seems to have the same goals as me I guess).


  22. . If you have a blog, how often do you post and why?
    I post to my own blog not often enough! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much I have to say that I end up saying nothing at all. My intention is to write every day or every other, as I started it for my own therapeutic reasons.

    2. If you enjoy reading blogs, how often do you like to read…Is 3 times a day too much? Once a day? Once a week? I don’t read any blog three times a day. But there are a few (including yours, which was newly recommended to me) that I read daily.

    3. Why do you read blogs? What keeps you coming back to certain blogs? I read some food blogs because I love the ideas and I’m a food-nut. Other blogs either really inspire me in some way, feed my soul, or just make me laugh. Some blogs just allow me to keep up with old friends.

    Thanks, Angie, for posting!

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