Thank you so much for your insightful and thoughtful comments on my earlier post about blog quantity vs. quality. I so appreciate your insights. It is awesome to be a part of such a great community.

I think I’ve been craving chocolate all day- and this Hershey bar was calling my name, so I enjoyed it slowly at my desk this morning while I worked on my Certified Diabetes Educator continuing education. You know, I love dark chocolate, but sometimes, there’s just nothing like a simple Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.


I’ve been busier with nutrition consults lately, but today, we had several patients scheduled that didn’t show up…which means I had a little more free time to catch up on paperwork and planning….always a good thing, but I definitely love spending time with my patients too.

Lunch was a huge salad from the hospital salad bar + cottage cheese…very filling and perfect -yum.


After work, I did a quick grocery store run since we missed our usual grocery shopping trip last weekend. When I was putting the groceries away, I snacked on a couple of these Sunsweet dried plums -have you tried them packaged individually like this? They are so good and a great source of antioxidants and fiber.


Dinner was chicken fajita wraps…I had one flat-out wrap with sauteed chicken breast, onions, and peppers + cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream…and homemade guacamole and sweet potato chips on the side.


Now, I’m craving chocolate again…I may have to have a small bowl of chocolate ice cream before bed.

Thanks again for reading. I love hearing from you- please feel free to ask questions any time. I’m also always up for suggestions if there are certain nutrition-related topics you’d like to hear more about.

Have a great evening. Goodnight!


2 responses to “Chocoholic

  1. I love dark chocolate.. milk is too sweet for my taste, so i’ll choose dark over milk anyday! I love dried plums too.. they’re sooo good!! I have a couple everyday I think! yum!


  2. mmm jalapenos! in response to your previous questions — i think your intentions for starting the blog are beautiful and the fact that you can’t post 3x a day is a good thing, I think. It’s means you’re living! by the way, i love seeing that being healthy is a holistic goal full of chocolate smiles and coffee breaks — things that to some are “flaws” but are really bits of happiness that are perfectly suitable for holistic mind & body health!

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