Simple, Healthy Eating

Don’t you think we sometimes make eating healthy too hard? I do. Counting calories, counting carbs, counting fat….don’t eat these foods, eat less of this, more of that, read your labels, weigh, measure….there’s definitely a place for all of those things, but sometimes, I think we need to relax and approach healthy eating in a more  simple way.


I awoke to a 5:10 am alarm clock this morning…made it to the gym to teach a 6 am Sculpt class…now I have to stay mentally prepared for 2 more classes this afternoon. After class, breakfast was a simple bowl of banana oats, topped with dark chocolate, berries, and almond butter. Simple and perfect.

Some of the simple tips I try to follow when it comes to healthy eating:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables – especially darkly and brightly colored ones.

2. Drink more water.

3. Eat breakfast.

4. Eat healthy monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats.

5. Eat slowly and mindfully, paying attention to hunger and fullness cues.

What are some healthy eating tips that you try to live by?

Have a great Tuesday!


10 responses to “Simple, Healthy Eating

  1. lookingforserenity

    I just try to eat the healthy foods when I need to get them.. I guess!! Haha. do you have any tips in intuitive eating?!

  2. Oh yeah, definitely! The blog world is full of the stuff. I also make sure I get my fruit & veggies in, drink water & herbal tea. I think it also helps to just keep the house/work place/bag filled with healthy choices. Oh and keeping an eye on fiber: I’ll snack on some chickpeas if I feel I’m lacking. Good luck with the rest of your day!

  3. Great healthy eating tips! I don’t really have anything to add…

    I try to eat a big salad before lunch and dinner. That way, I eat my veggies before anything else. I also try to include lots of dark leafy greens in my salads.

  4. For healthy eating, I try to cook at home more. I personally make good decisions on the foods I buy, but I often slip and enjoy too decadent of foods when I’m out. So, watching the frequency of how often I eat out helps with weight maintenance.

  5. im trying to eat less dairy, less fat, more protein, more fruit and veggies, more water- other than that normal eating resusmes lol.

    hey i said, trying

  6. Love this post! I think the more we read about health/nutrition, the more complicated it gets… I try to stick to the basics- lots of wholesome foods as close to nature as possible 🙂

    Thanks so much for checking in with me (and hi to your mom!) I have my net back now!

  7. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    Hey Angie! Great post – I agree…it’s so nice to keep things simple. I try to fit at least one serving of fruit and/or veggies into every meal and snack. I’ve noticed such a big difference in how I feel since I started doing that! And definitely LOTs of H2O!

  8. I definitely over-complicate things too often, and agree that this can be counterintuitive and that simple really is better! I love all 5 of your tips (I follow these too), and I also try to get enough protein (don’t eat much meat) and go for whole grains. Awesome post!

  9. What a great post! This just goes to show that you can enjoy all the foods you enjoy in a healthy, moderated way (chocolate, peanut/almond butter, bananas).

    As for healthy eating, I try to eat a big piece of fruit in the morning every day. It helps control appetite, the fiber is always a plus and a great way to introduce more fruits into your diet.

  10. Great post. I agree, 100%. As a dietitian I sometimes find myself doing many of the things I tell my clients not to do, but then I always know what to do to turn it around, and make it better. For example; don’t eat when you aren’t hungry, Gina! That’s a huge mistake people make, including me. I think the best advice you can try to live by is that your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

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