Fabulous Hot Springs Getaway

Yesterday we arrived at Hot Springs at 10:30 in the morning in time for our 11 am whitewater rafting trip at Huck Finn Rafting…such a cute place in a great little small town.


The rafting trip was great. It was a little calmer than we expected- I think due to the lack of rain in the Hot Springs area over the last few weeks. The trip had class 1-3 rapids. It also included a great lunch by the riverbank halfway through the rafting trip…it was a great sandwich lunch laid out on the makeshift table on the upside-down raft. I was dying that I didn’t have a camera because the lunch was so great! We had sandwiches on yummy homemade wheat bread, potato salad, beans, fresh watermelon, and a couple of oreos. The rafting trip lasted about 3 1/2 hours and even though it was calm, we loved it!

After the rafting trip, we stopped next door at a great little cafe for smoothies…I had a pina colada flavor and Anthony had strawberry.


Smoothies in hand, we walked down the street to the Hot Springs Resort and Spa…such a great place with a neat history. It is a spa that is designed around a natural hot springs…they offer spa services plus soaks in a natural, hot mineral springs, which have been considered healing and therapeutic for hundreds of years. We made reservations for a one-hour soak later in the day.

Then, we excitedly headed to the Bed and Breakfast, the Duckett House Inn and Farm. We were so excited to visit – this was our first stay at a Bed and Breakfast. We arrived to see this beautiful turn-of-the-century house situated on a lovely farm.


With a great wrap-around porch with a huge variety of chairs and swings for relaxing – the cat was very comfortable.


Our bedroom – the Mountain View room – so quaint and extremely comfortable.


One of the beautiful bathrooms…


I absolutely loved it!

After we got settled in, and relaxed for a bit, we went back to the Hot Springs Spa for our soak in the mineral baths. It was so neat- they have individual, private, hot tubs- they’re real hot tubs, but between each guest, they are drained and refilled with the natural hot mineral springs – the water comes out of the springs at about 102 degrees – really hot and full of minerals that are known to be therapeutic in a variety of ways. Here’s our tub…


We soaked and relaxed for an hour…very nice! And, my skin felt so great afterwards, I didn’t even need moisturizer.

Dinner was at a great, little local place, the Iron Horse Station. I had a delicious grilled chicken sandwich with avocado, mozzarella, steamed spinach and garlic + sweet potato fries – and a glass of Shiraz….


After dinner, our plan was relaxation at the B and B…we were in bed by 10:30 and I slept like a baby.

When we woke up this morning, Brian, one of the innkeepers, had a pot of amazing coffee waiting…I started with a cup and went for a nice walk outside while Anthony stayed in bed. When I got back from my walk, Brian had an amazing breakfast prepared for us…homemade pancakes, fresh eggs, strawberries, some homefries, and more amazing coffee.


Brian shared the history of the house with us, some stories about hikers (the Appalahian Trail is nearby), and generally kept us entertained. I loved every minute. Breakfast was amazingly delicious.

After breakfast, we relaxed a little more on the front porch, walked around the grounds, visited the chickens…


Then, it was time for a quick shower and we headed home. Thanks again, Brian, for a lovely stay at the Duckett House. We will surely be back.

We waved goodbye to the French Broad River…


And, headed out to my sister’s house….Tonight is a joint family birthday party for Anthony and my sister Amy…should be lots of family fun.

See you later!


9 responses to “Fabulous Hot Springs Getaway

  1. What a beautiful trip! I have never stayed in a B & B. Your room and the bathroom look so nice… And the rafting trip, including the lunch, sound amazing…

    Happy Sunday, and have fun at the party!

  2. What a beautiful and relaxing trip! I love the history of the place too, and the hot springs sound so amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself – everything looks so lovely 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh how fun! The B&B is so gorgeous, and how nice of the owner to make such a wonderful breakfast (and of course, good coffee is always a sign of a great place to stay..)

    I’ve been to one bed and breakfast and it was owned by my fourth grade teacher. I was in sixth grade when I went and we rode horses, played in the barn with the cats and chickens (random), swam, and hiked. It was such a great time!

  4. What a relaxing trip! Breakfast and everything at the B&B and the tub dip at Hot Springs Spa look really wonderful. Glad you had such a lovely and relaxing weekend getaway.

  5. lookingforserenity

    I love hot tubs!!! Seems like a relaxing trip!

  6. The bed and breakfast place looks very homey and lovely. The decoration is pretty too!

    I love hot springs–they’re so relaxing and wonderful for you.

    Great breakfast too! Looks like you are having a fab time 🙂

  7. Menden (Skinny Menny)

    Sounds like such a nice getaway…and that b&b is so quaint. I just adore wraparound porches and rocking chairs 🙂

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  9. We haven’t visited a b&b yet but this one looks so relaxing, with the farm chickens, whitewater rafting and lush river nearby.

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