Birthday = Treat day

It started when our office manager, Michelle, brought in this yummy cake to work this morning. She’s taking a cake decorating class and her homework for class last night was this Over the Rainbow cake…It was so good, I didn’t even get a photo before we started digging in. I wish I had the creativity and the patience for a hobby like this!


I had a slice at my desk. I’m not even really a cake fan, but this one was so good- homemade buttercream icing…yum!


I started my day teaching “Meal Planning and Label Reading” for our diabetes class. Then, we had our customer service wrap-up meeting to summarize our week’s efforts and talk about next steps. I feel like we’ve really made progress this week, and I look forward to continuing. Dana was kind enough to order lunch from a great little lunch place, I think it’s called the Lunchbox…I had walnut chicken salad in pita with lettuce and tomato. Delicious.


And, on the way home….a tall latte…I’ve had so many early mornings this week that I’m slightly sleep deprived…I was really needing an energy boost at 5:00.


We met Anthony’s mom for his birthday dinner at his restaurant of choice, Altruda’s …an amazing Italian place…We had a family-style salad…


And, I chose simple but perfect spaghetti with marinara…and a glass of Cabernet…one of my favorite meals. I ate less than half because I knew we still had Anthony’s b-day dessert planned.


After dinner, we visited Anthony’s dad and step-mom Peggy for dessert…Anthony’s request  – caramel pie. I had a small slice.


So, I have definitely had a “less than healthy” day of eating overall. And, you know, I don’t feel bad about it or guilty…tomorrow will be back to a more normal, healthy routine. I totally believe that little splurges are an important part of a long-term healthy way of eating.

I hope Anthony’s had a fun birthday! I think we’re both looking forward to our whitewater rafting trip and our Bed and Breakfast weekend…it will be nice to get away together.

I am heading to bed…gotta catch up on some sleep. See you tomorrow.



3 responses to “Birthday = Treat day

  1. Oh wow great splurges! I love I when cake is really good – I’m not a huge fan either, but when they’re good, they are awesome… congrats on Anthony’s birthday!

  2. I completely believe that a few indulgences here and there are very important. I had one myself last night! Back on the wagon for me 🙂 All your eats look great and fun! A great Italian meal and a glass of wine is my favs too 🙂 have a great weekend!

  3. What a pretty cake! Michelle did a great job!

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