Taco Tuesday

Hey everyone! Thanks for your support on the TV segment tomorow. It is for our local NBC affiliate, WBIR, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio and seeing some old friends. I went shopping after work to stock up on all my needed supplies. Tomorrow morning, I’ll stop by McDonald’s to pick up a visual example of the “not so healthy” breakfast- it’s so funny, I feel so weird even ordering a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit!! Hopefully, they’ll post the video of the segment on their website, and I’ll definitely share a link.

Today was another non-stop day. Lunch was a salad from the hospital cafeteria during our Customer Service Excellence meeting for the day.


After work, I did a little quick shopping (Anthony’s birthday is Thursday – shhh…), then hit up the grocery store for my supplies for the TV segment tomorrow. By that time, it was after 6:00 and I was starving so I stopped by Starbucks for a banana chocolate Vivanno- it really hit the spot! And, I don’t know if it’s just a local promotion, but the Vivannos are specially priced right now at only $2.00! Such a perfect treat on a hot summer day!


My dinners haven’t been planned as well this week as the last few weeks, but we did decide this morning before work that dinner would be tacos. I had two tacos with lean ground beef, a bit of cheddar, red onion, tomato, and avocado, along with homemade guacamole and chips.


It was so good, and I LOVE homemade, chunky guacamole!

Now, I’m off to convince my husband to go on a walk with me, and then relax a bit before bed. Have a great evening!


6 responses to “Taco Tuesday

  1. Oh those tacos look great. I have to say, I usually prefer soft shelled tacos, however I need to start trying the hard shells because I think the only reason I eat the soft is because that’s what I preferred as a child! Isn’t that crazy, I really don’t think I’ve had a hard shell since I was very young.

    It’s so funny that you have to walk into the studio with an unhealthy meal to use in your segment, I love it! I really hope they post it. Good luck again!

  2. Mmm love the chunky guacamole too, and the huge tomatoes and red onions I see in those yummy tacos!

    Vivannos sound really yummy too, I haven’t tried them yet!

  3. Good luck with the TV segment! That’s exciting! Don’t eat the McDonald’s biscuit by accident… 😉

    I have wanted to try the Starbucks Vivanno… Looks and sounds good…

    I haven’t had hard shell tacos in forever. Yours look soooo good! And the guacamole…

  4. I absolutely love those Vivanno smoothies! I will have to check and see if that promotion is going on at our starbucks right now, that’s a great deal. Your dinner looks amazing too, chunky guac is one of my faves too!

  5. mmmm that guac looks YUMMY!

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