Half Blood Prince

After church, we went to Taj, one of our favorite Indian places for lunch. Their buffet is fabulous, and I love trying little tastes of everything. At a buffet though, I always try to be conscious to only eat the amount I normally would…there’s no need to go overboard and feel miserable just because it’s “all you can eat”! My plate contained house salad, yummy naan, veggie pakora, matar paneer, and chicken curry. Everything was so good.


And, a bit of rice pudding, watermelon, and Gulab Jamun (a yummy, gooey dessert soaked in syrup)…


After lunch, we decided to postpone the movie and come home to relax for a bit. Our relaxing turned into a nap which was fabulous. When I woke up, I wasn’t really ready for dinner, but I wanted a snack before our movie. I had a little more of my glowing bowl grawnola with blackberries + blueberries.


And, since I wasn’t really hungry, but we had plans for a 7:30 movie, I packed a movie dinner – almond butter and banana sandwich + barbeque pop-chips.


We’re a little behind on our movies…and Anthony had Harry Potter on the list for awhile, so that’s what we went to see tonight. I’m dying to see Julie and Julia, but that can wait (hopefully sometime this week). This is Anthony’s “birthday week”, so he got to choose. Harry Potter was really good, though. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can’t believe the weekend is quickly coming to an end. Time to get ready for a busy week.



3 responses to “Half Blood Prince

  1. I love Indian food. There is a nice Indian lunch buffet nearby, but it’s hard to eat just my “normal” amount so we rarely go there… Your food looks delicious and very “normal.” 😉

    I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. And Happy Birthday Week to Anthony! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Week to Anthony!
    I’m impressed with how you were able to handle the Indian food buffet! 😀 I love how you listened to your body and how you adjusted the rest of your day’s eats.
    I’m way behind with my movies myself and Julie & Julia is the one I want to see most this year. 😀

  3. Indian food is so good!! Mmmmmmm!

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