Good morning!


I woke up naturally at 8:00 and decided to doze a little longer….at 8:30, I decided a nice walk with my cup of coffee was in order. It was a beautiful morning- I walked for about 30 minutes and came home to have breakfast. I was planning to make pancakes, but Anthony requested oats…which sounded perfect to me!


Pumpkin banana oats topped with dark chocolate chips, blueberries, and creamy almond butter…perfect.

I am so excited to have a Saturday with nothing on the agenda. The last few weeks, we’ve been busy with Weekend Warrior or traveling, which is great…but I love a no-plan weekend.  That means I have time to go to the Farmers’ Market and grocery shopping at a nice slow pace this morning.

Do you like free weekends or do you prefer having plans?

Have a great Saturday!


11 responses to “Good morning!

  1. Oh yeah, I love free weekends! But I do tend to fill them up. Still, today was a nice free Saturday and tomorrow I’ll be going for a run – that’s it! It feels weird though…I still cleaned the kitchen and ordered books. Hehe.

  2. Pumpkin oats look gorgeous with the blueberries and melted chocolate chips!

    Hmmm, that’s a tough question for me because I love both! A free Saturday is so relaxing, but busy weekends are fun too. So I guess I like a good mix of both 🙂

  3. Hmmm…that depends on the plan! I do like waking up with nothing on my “to do” list, but if we have fun plans, that’s a different story! When I was a kid my mom made us clean on weekends 😦 That was not fun. Of course, I’ll probably do the same thing with my children!

  4. First of all, your oats look amazing!!

    I LOVE free weekends, no contest, I would so much rather have time to just goof off than be rushing around getting ready to do stuff, but I wouldn’t want it like that every weekend, it’s fun to hang out with friends and family too!

  5. Your morning sounds fantastic! It was pouring rain and awful this morning… now we’ve got a thunderstorm! Have a lovely relaxing day 🙂 I like having some weekend plans, but not so many that I get stressed.

  6. I generally like to have plans. But, just this morning, I was grumbling that I feel like I don’t have a Saturday because we’re going to some dumb MMA party w/his friends tonight. My husband pointed out I only like having MY plans. lol… guilty.

  7. I want that coffee and that view!

  8. Hey Angie!

    Yummy oats this morning!!

    Glad you have a weekend to just relax! That’s the best!

    Yeah, I definitely like having free weekends… sometimes it can be fun to have things planned out to do… but we get so busy during the week, having the weekend to unwind is awesome!

  9. Free weekend are wonderful to me. With 7 kids it’s the rare weekend we have nothing planned.

  10. I love free weekends, especially after a busy week.

  11. I like free weekends since the work week is usually very hectic, especially as of late. Today I had to sleep in – 930a (ouch!) just to catch up on the lack of ZZZs in the last few days.

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