Stay-at-home Friday night

Our smoothie sale went great today! We made over $800 that will go to our hospital’s foundation to be used for the benefit of our weight management patients- what a success! (And at $3 each, that means we sold nearly 300 smoothies!). And- they were yummy – I had a blueberry banana smoothie first thing this morning…


We used frozen berries, bananas, a splash of OJ, ice, and vanilla protein powder…We also registered people for our walk – Moving Together- One Step Closer, coming up in September.


I took a quick break today to have a chicken caesar salad from the hospital cafe…simple, quick, and good.


I was so happy to get home from work this afternoon…it’s been a long week, I don’t think I’ve hardly been at home this week, so I was so excited to come home and stay home. We decided to have breakfast for dinner. But, I was also craving something salty…so, while I chopped veggies, I ate several of these yummy homemade spicy dill pickles that my brother-in-law Dave made…they were great!


And, dinner was a veggie-egg scramble, sweet potato home fries, and whole wheat toast with peach butter….such a simple meal, but perfectly delicious!


Tomorrow is the first Saturday in months that we have nothing on our agenda and I am thrilled- I need a day of down time…maybe some at-home beauty treatments, catching up on sleep, and reading…and a good workout. Hope your weekend is fabulous.



7 responses to “Stay-at-home Friday night

  1. Those eggs look delish! Have a good weekend.

  2. Ooh I love pickles! Those homemade ones look delicious. Have a great, relaxing day tomorrow 🙂

  3. I can never get enough of down time! Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me. Congrats on your success with the fundraiser!

  4. Oh, the homemade pickles sound & look delicious!

    I’m glad the fundraiser was such a success! The smoothies sound delicious.

    Have a nice, relaxing weekend, Angie! 🙂

  5. Glad to know that your sale was a success! I would have wanted that blueberry banana smoothie myself.
    Breakfast for dinners are the best! The veggie egg scramble is something I love making for an easy meal. Rest well over the weekend! 😀

  6. Neat, a smoothie sale?! Great idea for a healthy, yet tasty snack! I’m glad it went well.

    It’s so neat that you made homemade dill pickles, I’ve never done that before but I LOVE dill pickles. They look great!

  7. Glad the smoothie sale went so well!

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