Long day

Thanks for your comments about my haircut- I didn’t share a pic since I was in a hurry this afternoon, and I’m not good with self-photography, so I’ll try to get a good haircut pic over the weekend! I’m clueless when it comes to styling my hair- and I like it to be easy, but my stylist gave me some really cool waves with a flat iron, which I don’t own…so the plan is to try to find one over the weekend and re-create what she did today….and I’ll happily share it with you.

So, this evening, we had our gastric band support group, and a local chef Amelia, came to talk about some healthy cooking tips for post-bariatric surgery patients, and she shared some samples. First, she made some yummy mini-spinach quiches in mini-muffin tins…(that’s such a good tip for patients who have recently had surgery and can only eat really small portions)…


She demonstrated shredding a roasted chicken breast, which is helpful for post-surgery patients, gave some good tips on meal planning and grocery shopping, and I helped her to make some samples of a Dreamsicle protein shake- skim milk, ice, vanilla protein powder, frozen peaches, a tbsp. of sugar free orange jello powder….pretty good for a protein shake!

It was a good meeting and Amelia did a great job.

I was so happy to get home though at 9:15 and I was starving. I did eat 2 mini-quiches at the meeting, but they were tiny. When I get home late and tired, I’ll eat almost anything. Luckily, Anthony had some leftover hibachi chicken, veggies, and rice from his dinner with friends last night…I heated it up and it hit the spot.


Yay- tomorrow’s Friday. I have another early morning, so my goal is to get into bed relatively soon. Thanks, as always, for reading.

P.S….here’s a link to the article I was working on a couple of weeks ago on healthy eating on a budget…Poor nutrition choices more expensive in the long run. They actually turned it into a two-part article, so I’ll share part 2 when it runs.



3 responses to “Long day

  1. wow. Eggs newly post-op. I couldn’t eat eggs for like over a year after my surgery. I love quiche now though!

  2. Those quiches look amazing! I think I must be on the right career track, because when I read you were at a gastric bypass support group, I instantly thought, “that’s so cool! That sounds so interesting…” Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. those quinches look yummy, i want them and i havent even had a GB lol.

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