Wii Night


Hey everyone!! Hope you’re having a good night!

Today was a busy day at work…I had some diabetes nutrition consults…and worked on a TV segment I’m doing next week on breakfast. I know that most of you eat breakfast every day, but you’d be surprised how many patients/clients that I counsel who never eat breakfast. While I was working, I had some juicy cherries at my desk.


Lunch was leftover whole wheat spaghetti with meatballs….just as good as last night…


My friend Michael decided to visit for a couple of days…so he met me after work. Anthony had a meeting tonight, so Michael and I grabbed a quick dinner at Salsarita’s…I had two soft chicken tacos with salsa, guacamole, tomato, onion, and cilantro…yum.


And, yummy chips with salsa…I know, I just had Mexican two days ago- I could eat this every day!


After dinner, we browsed through a bookstore for awhile and I had a decaf latte…


After Anthony’s meeting, Michael and I met him at home and decided that Wii was in order…we haven’t played in months. First, I won at a game of bowling…then Michael killed me in two tennis matches. Now, I can hear Anthony and Michael playing tennis and golf while I blog! Gotta go join in a few more minutes of fun before I get in bed…Have a great evening. Goodnight!


9 responses to “Wii Night

  1. What channel will your TV segment broadcast?! Or is it more of a video thing? I have yet to play Wii! I think I would like Tennis the best!

  2. I love how you posted the picture of the game you won… 😉

    Your tacos look amazing; I could eat Mexican food every day too…

    Have a good night!

  3. Wii is too much fun! I tried the balance, ski, boxing, and Mario Kart. Too addicting. Haha.

  4. Isn’t Wii the best? Have you ever played Mario Kart? My husband and I play a little too often…it’s so fun though! Your tacos and chips look delish!

  5. I love wii!! I actually happen to be really good at tennis, even though I’m no good at tennis in real life!
    Are you going to post your tv segment?? I’d love to see it again!! Good luck preparing and everything, I bet that’s fun, but also slightly stressful? Either way, I’d LOVE to do that sometime!

  6. My cousin doesn’t eat breakfast. she’s not working at the mo and says she tries to go as long as possible without eating after getting up to cut down on food bills, so she doesn’t eat as much and would rather eat what food she has on an evening when she’s more bored. Is this unhealthy, I mean is she damaging her body?

  7. I know…. I can’t believe how many people I know who don’t eat breakfast. They always say they aren’t hungry in the morning. I try to tell them it’s probably because they ate too much the night before….. usually that’s followed with silence (and sometimes crickets!) What kind of ways do you get people to eat breakfast? Do you give them facts, give breakfast ideas?? Might be an interesting post topic.

  8. Yum yum those tacos look amazingly delicious! Hehe, we have wii too, although I’ve been neglecting it for a while 😛 Maybe I need to get wii fit or something?

  9. i haven’t played wii bowlng in forever!!!

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