Happy Birthday Patrick!

I love reading your comments about your weekend plans! So cool that Gina’s going golfing, Allison’s getting her group step certification, Mandy’s doing Zumba – you guys are so cool! And I LOVE to hear about you getting some R&R – isn’t that what weekends are for too?

Today was a relatively busy Friday at work. I brought leftover Chicken curry with rice and veggies to have for lunch – it was really good – and I was craving caffeine – I don’t drink a lot of diet sodas, but I really needed (wanted) one today.


After work, I met my friend Tammye to work on our plans for Weekend Warrior tomorrow morning…You can read about our last class at…Weekend Warriors: We love it!  We planned some fun and hard stuff! Plus I got to see Tammye’s daughter, McKenna (one of the loves of my life), who will be turning 5 next week and starting kindergarten soon.

We met our friends Patrick and Sabrina and another couple at Bonefish Grill for dinner to celebrate Patrick’s birthday. I started with a Red Sangria….


The photos aren’t doing it justice, but it was beautiful and delish. Dinner was a grilled salmon and asparagus salad with goat cheese and citrus vinaigrette…oh my gosh- so good!


And, we each had a little piece of this delicious chocolate caramel ice cream cake for dessert. Happy Birthday Patrick!


Gotta get some rest – 6 am wakeup call tomorrow for Weekend Warriors – woo hoo!



4 responses to “Happy Birthday Patrick!

  1. Your salad looks sooooo good!

    Have a great Weekend Warriors class!

  2. Chocolate caramel ice cream cake looks yummy! 😀 Sleep well and have fun on your class!

  3. Sangria is one of my favorite drinks, I love love love it! Hmm, I may even request it at my wedding 🙂

    The salmon looks great, what an amazing combination of flavors/foods. Of course, the cake would probably be my favorite part of the evening!

    Have a great night.

  4. Sangria….num..num..Mmmm 😉

    Happy Birthday Patrick! I’m partial to that name…I have two amazing Patricks in my life…my sweet hubby and Son 😀

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