I LOVE my husband


My sweet husband brought me these beautiful flowers this afternoon….he is so good!

Today was one of those busy days with so many different things going on…we had a diabetes management meeting to discuss some possible changes to our programming, I had a meeting with a mock surveyor who is reviewing our bariatric surgery program, and lots of other small issues throughout the day.  Lunch was a delicious salad from the Ruby Tuesday salad bar eaten during our diabetes management meeting….


It was piled high with mixed greens, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, egg, red onion, feta, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and pumpernickel croutons…it was so good- I love huge salads!

Afternoon treat…tall latte to give me a little energy burst for my afternoon classes.


I taught a 45-minute Sculpt class and a 30-minute Rock Bottom class this afternoon…it was fun- I had a huge group for the Sculpt class- I love all the energy from a large workout class!

Per our weekly meal plan….Dinner tonight was steak salad…Anthony always does a great job grilling and it was delish.


So, I told you last night that my goal was “early to bed”….I actually got in bed at 9:45 (great for me)…but as usual…I got my normal late night energy burst and couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 11 – and I didn’t sleep that great overall. You know, I firmly believe that good sleep is just as important to wellness as eating well and exercising…so, tonight is a new night and I shall try again!

Goodnight…I’m off to spend a bit of time with Anthony- we’ll probably watch a little “America’s Got Talent” and some Belgian chocolate ice cream might be involved. See you tomorrow! I’m excited – I have a new breakfast idea on the agenda for tomorrow morning.



11 responses to “I LOVE my husband

  1. Oh, your husband is too sweet!
    That salad looks really AMAZING. Love the dried cranberry addition. Yay for Belgian chocolate ice cream! 😀
    Getting enough sleep is a daily goal for me, too. Sleep plays a big factor on how I function for the day. Hope you sleep well this week.
    Also, letting you know that I gave you the Lovely Blog Award. Check it out on my blog when you have the time. 😀

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! That was so nice of your hubby to bring you flowers:-) I love your blog. I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blog roll!

  3. Yay! New breakfast idea! I love your breakfasts. I’ll be sure to check it out tomorrow while I eat mine!

  4. Beautiful flowers! And both salads look great! Sleep well! 🙂

  5. Your steak salads always look so good! Anthony must be a grill master 😉 as for the sleep stuff, I use to have a hard time too, but found that after a couple of weeks of trying to get to bed earlier, it became a habit and my body adapted. You’ll get there!

  6. That sounds like me, whenever I try to go to sleep early my body just doesn’t allow me to!

    The salad looks great, I love big salads too. I truly can say I look at menus and get more excited by good salad descriptions before I get excited by anything else!

    Your husband is so great, flowers are such a thoughtful surprise, and so beautiful.

  7. Beautiful flowers!

    I love big salads, too!

    Your dinner looks great!

  8. Beautiful flowers,hat is really sweet of your husband!

    Love the salad!

  9. Wow, what’s a 30-minute Rock Bottom class? Sounds intense! Haha. The sleep thing – apparently it takes 21 days/tries to form a habit, so perhaps if you aim to at least wind down around the time you get the extra energy burst, your body will get used to it. Maybe try meditiation or light yoga, drinking herbal tea, etc. even if you’re not going off to bed yet. I’m sure it will gently teach your body that 11 pm is time for REST and not for ENERGY, *lol*.

  10. what a sweet hubby you have!! the flowers are gorgeous 🙂

    what is a rock bottom class?? sounds interesting!! 🙂

    getting enough sleep is something i struggle with, too…finding time to get up to work out, get ready for work, work… then spend time with my hubby and daughter, and get stuff ready for the next day…. not enough hours in the day!!

    i hope last night was better for you!!

  11. aw if your hubby had a blog too it’d be “i’d love my wife”

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