Early to Bed

How was your Monday? My day was pretty good – I taught a gastric banding nutrition class this morning, a pre-surgery gastric bypass nutrition consult and bunches of odds and ends paperwork this afternoon, and boot camp to finish the day!

Lunch was so deelish…this photo totally doesn’t do it justice! Leftover Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) from Friday night….I think I could eat this meal every day!


This afternoon at my desk, I snacked on half a container of fage 2% with blueberries, raspberries, and a drizzle of honey stirred in…


Then, a hard boot camp class….We did…

With heavy weighted bars…3 sets of each…

  • chest presses
  • pullovers
  • narrow chest presses
  • wide squats
  • narrow squats (weight in front)
  • rows
  • push-presses
  • bicep curls

A walking lunge, pushup, judo crunch, and plank drill.

Medicine ball drills outside….partner drills, backpedal and sprint, and partner medicine ball passes with shuffle…whew…Great workout!! Thanks to our leader Chad for today’s great class!!

Anthony joined me at the wellness center to get his quick workout in, and then we headed home to our planned meal…turkey Italian sausage sandwiches with baked french fries. Anthony also picked some more veggies from our garden!


I nibbled on a handful of these while I cooked….


I decided to leave off the bun, so I had my Italian sausage with sauteed onions and peppers, and my homemade fries…easy and good.


My goal now is to get into bed relatively early…in bed by 10, asleep by 10:30- we’ll see how that goes!



6 responses to “Early to Bed

  1. There is nothing better than veggies from the garden! 🙂 I hope you’ll get some good sleep!

  2. Your workout looked nice and intense and your dinner made my mouth water and my belly rumble…yum!

  3. gorgeous garden veggies! have a good night m’dear….

  4. I love all your fresh veggies! I need to get to bed early too 🙂

  5. Good luck getting to sleep early!!! That’s a normal bedtime for me! Sometimes we’re in bed by 9:30!

  6. I had something similar looking for lunch today, not as appetizing certainly!!

    Hope you get some sleep!

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