Nibbling all day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to snack all day?? Today has been one of those days.

We went to church this morning and then went to lunch at one of my favorite places…Little Bangkok…I had probably one of my favorite meals of all-time – Drunken Noodles – Pad Kee Mao- delicious as always!


I’m so excited because half of my meal is in a to-go box for lunch tomorrow! (if it makes it till then!)…

After lunch, we went to the bookstore and browsed a bit, picked up a travel book on the Dominican Republic (yay!), and then went grocery shopping for the week. I actually wrote out a tentative plan for dinner meals for the week. I found a new treat (new to me) at Target (and, I think new to Target) that I had to taste as soon as we got home…


These chips are addictive- so good!!

I also nibbled on a Trader Joe’s 5-seed almond bar….


And, a little later…some Trader Joe’s Gourmet Flakes and Chocolate cereal…yum!


Now, it is 6:00 and I’m definitely not hungry a bit! Guess we’ll have a late dinner tonight!

Hope you’ve had a good Sunday so far!


6 responses to “Nibbling all day

  1. I had one of those days two days in a row this week…Ugh! Thank God they only happen once in a while…

  2. Hi Angie, Tammye is my trainer and introduced me to your blog. I love it! I’m addicted to it. I find myself looking at it every night to see what you ate today. I was wondering…do you ever put together a shopping list or menu? I noticed you mentioned that briefly in tonights blog. I was thinking it would be fun to try and eat this week what you ate last week. It may not work since you get things sometimes from places like Trader Joe’s that we don’t have. But, it would be fun to try. I love that you have recipes posted. That’s cool. I’m hoping to try some of them this week. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I love it!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your comments.

      I’ll be happy to share my shopping list and this week’s plan for meals…thanks for asking!

  3. Oh man, I know what you mean. I have those days at least once a week. It’s worse on days after I’ve had some drinks, or on the days before my period (and I swear that’s not in my head). But yeah, some days I just don’t know what my deal is!

    It looks like you made some great choices though. HAve a good night!

  4. Yes, I have “snacking days”… And yes, popchips are quite addictive! The toddler “discovered” them a while back, and I had to stop buying them because he just wanted to eat too many of them…

  5. I love it. You are definitely a chocolate eater like me.

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