Your Own Best Friend

Good morning!!

My day started early with a 5:10 am alarm clock to get me up and out the door for a 6 am sculpt class. Before class, I usually just have some water and sometimes coffee. (At 5 am, I’m usually stumbling around with my eyes half open!). After class, I’m usually starving! Today I refueled with:


  • Kashi Honey Sunshine
  • Traders Joe’s Flakes with Chocolate
  • Strawberries + Blueberries
  • Crunchy Almond Butter
  • 1% milk

I wanted to give you another tip to think about today in helping to improve your body image….

Use Positive Self-Talk.

Many times, we say unkind things to ourselves that we would never say to our best friend, spouse, or child. Today, try to catch the negative thoughts and statements that you have about yourself…and turn them into something positive. We’re often unaware that we even have these negative thoughts until we tune in to them. Talk to yourself today as you would talk to your own best friend.

Do you notice yourself having negative thoughts about yourself/your body? What can you do to make those thoughts more positive?

Gotta get out the door to work….have a great Tuesday!!


14 responses to “Your Own Best Friend

  1. Great tip. I have been working lately to fight the negative self talk and to fight the diet mentality. I have been using the following affirmation each time one of those negative thoughts come up:

    I love and appreciate myself. I don’t listen to you (the negative talk) anymore.

    What I have noticed is that by doing this, I actually reduce the amount of negative self image or diet thoughts that come up. I always struggled with this because as someone who struggle with depression and anxiety, along with negative body image, I had a hard time embracing positive self talk. I would ask, if I don’t have positive thoughts, how can I replace the negative ones. And then, it came to me that I don’t have to automatically have those thoughts and once I accepted that, my new affirmation just popped into my head. I have been using it ever since and things are really changing for me.

  2. Thank you so much for the tip! I am HORRIBLE with negative self talk. I am in a pretty bad phase with it right now because I’ve gained quite a bit of weight back… so instead of trying to look at the bright side of I haven’t gained everything back and still have accomplished so much – I’m yelling at myself for everything I’m putting in my mouth and for how I look right now… it’s pretty sad!

  3. Great post Angie! This is something I have been working on recently- I started by trying to look through an outsiders eyes and say to myself what I would say to a friend. It’s gotten easier over time and it comes more naturally now…sometimes anyway!

    have a great Tuesday!

  4. I love the positive talk challenge. I will keep that in mind today. I’ve not felt so great about myself lately and I think it’s stemming from my stress regarding my thesis. I need to take it out on someone, and that someone has been myself! I am going to think about that, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  5. Great subject, I think we all have some negative thoughts at some point in our lives, I know I do and tend to fixate more on those than the positive thoughts.

  6. i always remind myself i’m doing the best i can, and i always try to live the life i want. if the life i want includes carbs and sugar (and it does) and this is what my body looks like as a result, then this is what ive gotta live with and accept!

  7. great post! If I start thinking negative thoughts about my body–for example, my thighs, I just remind myself of all the things my legs do for me! These thighs carry me through races and 10-mile runs. They do so much for me–I should appreciate them 🙂

  8. Breakfast looks very colourful and tasty 😛

  9. Hey there Angie!

    Sounds like your day is off to a great start…killer workout, nice healthy and delicious breaky…what more could a girl ask for? 😀

    Yea, I agree totally. Our minds and thoughts are very powerful…..more then one realizes. Positive thoughts gives back positive results I believe whole heartedly!

  10. So true. We need to be as kind to ourselves as we are to the people we love. Very good tip.

  11. Thanks for that tip.Positive thoughts are like gold hidden deep. All you need to do is dig deep and you’ll be happy!

    Thanks for those thoughts again! have a wonderful day!

  12. This morning I had a little something before my run (at 10:00) and because of it I didn’t have breakfast until 12:00, and by then I was STARVING! 🙂

    I used to think VERY negatively of myself. If you asked me what body part I liked, I probably couldn’t have told you one without saying “but it would be better if…”. Now that I work out and eat right (and hence, have lost weight), it’s pretty much all gone 🙂 I feel SO much better about myself 🙂

  13. WholeBodyLove

    You are absolutely right, positive self talk is a really powerful tool. We do say some awfully hurtful things to ourselves. People are quite surprised at what they can acheive with a little self-love.

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