Pizza night

Thanks for your great comments on Your Own Best Friend…I love reading your thoughts! I think it is so important to focus more on taking care of ourselves and treating ourselves well…something I work on also!

Today was a busy, busy day at work. I have been seeing more individual nutrition consults for diabetes lately (due to some staff changes in my department), so today was a full day of diabetes nutrition consults. It is usually a mixed bag, with some patients being such a pleasure to work with…you say goodbye to them and feel like you’ve really helped…and then with some patients, they are just not ready to make changes, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not helping at all. It is the few patients who really make life-long changes which lead to health improvements that make my day satisfying. And, hopefully, the ones who aren’t ready yet, will be ready one day and may come back for more help.

I had a quick and yummy lunch of leftover steak salad and a juicy orange.


Then, a busy afternoon with no time to even think of a snack…crazy!

Dinner was naan pizza and salad. One pizza was a traditional veggie with tomato sauce and the other was pesto with fresh basil, yellow tomato from the garden, and feta – both were delicious!


I am beat- I think due to the 5:10 am alarm this morning…so I may hang out with Anthony for a while on the sofa…and hit the bed a little early!



6 responses to “Pizza night

  1. that tupperware looks so fancy with that steak in it!

  2. I need to be a bit more brave and make my own pesto! I rely way too much on things that are pre made sometimes due to time restraints! But the sound of the pesto you had on your pizza sounds (and looks) amazing!

  3. I know what you mean. Until they are ready to change, it really won’t do them any good. Hopefully one day! 🙂

    ps: that salad looks soooooo very yummy!

  4. I love your attitude about your patients who “aren’t ready.” You’re not the least bit judgemental, and having seen MANY nutritionists in my life from countless weight loss atttempts since childhood, I cannot tell you how rare and appreciated that is. I have a feeling your a very great lady and you do, indeed, help alot of people. 🙂

  5. Wow those pizzas look amaaaaazing.

  6. Pesto + Basil Pizza looks really good.
    You are right. Life-long changes start from being open to change. No matter how small that change is.

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