Home Sweet Home

We waved goodbye to Michael and hit the road a little after 1:00 Nashville time….


We drove about 45 minutes to Murfreesboro and met Anthony’s parents for a late lunch at Chili’s. We started with queso dip and chips….


And, I had a grilled chicken quesadilla salad…it was delicious, but huge…I ate about half.


We also ordered dessert shots…key lime pie, double chocolate, and cinnamon roll, but we were full so we packed ours to go…they’re still in the fridge right now…


We said goodbye to Anthony’s parents and hit the road for a 3-hour drive home…We had a great weekend, but it is always so good to be home!

We were a little tired and not that hungry tonight…so dinner was an odd combination of my leftover chicken quesadilla salad and a yummy TJ’s 5-seed almond bar – these are so good!


And, I had to try this sparkling blueberry juice…YUM!


I hope you’ve had a great weekend.



7 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. those dessert shots are so cuuuuute

  2. *Gasp* I LOVE those almond bars!!!

  3. I’ve never tried blueberry juice before, they’re one of my favourite fruits too. I’ll have to look out of that 🙂

    It’s good to gettaway for the the weekend and visit friends n family, but it does feel good to get home too don’t you think? I love to get back to my own bed and my own routine 🙂

  4. Glad you arrived home safely!

    I need to try that sparkling blueberry, sounds delicious!

  5. Ooh the blueberry juice looks yummy! Glad you had a safe trip home 🙂

  6. Sounds like such a fun week-end! With great food too 🙂 Those dessert shots are such a fun idea!

  7. TJ’s sparkling juices are sooo good! 🙂

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