Throw away the scale!

I’ve been thinking more about body image since I wrote the post, You Are Beautiful Today a couple of days ago. Talking about improving one’s body image used to be my passion and somehow I got away from it a bit. I’d like to start sharing some tips with you on how to have a more positive body image if this is something you struggle with.

Today, consider throwing away your scale. If you weigh yourself every day and your weight sets the tone for your mood for the whole day…it may be a good idea to get rid of the scales!! I have seriously required that some patients throw their scales in the trash…or give them away…or take them to a friend’s house for awhile. Trust your body….how does it feel? How are your clothes fitting? That can be a much better guide than your weight in pounds. Now, certainly, there is a place for the scale as a tool, but many people give it way too much power. Consider throwing yours away today!! I don’t own a scale and only occasionally (every few months or so) jump on one at the wellness center just to make sure nothing has changed drastically.

Today was a busy day at work…some diabetes nutrition and weight loss consults….I had a good salad from our hospital’s cafeteria for lunch…it was pretty good at the time, but after I saw how great Andrea’s Greek Salad looks today, my lunch wasn’t quite as impressive!


After a busy afternoon, I was so excited to come home and not have anything on the agenda for tonight. I sauteed some turkey Italian sausages with onions and peppers, and served them with sweet potato fries and black bean and veggie salad.


I hope you have a great night!! Since I’m already finished with dinner and it’s only 8:00 – I think Anthony and I are going to go for a nice walk outside.

So, do you need to throw away your scale?? What are your thoughts about weighing?



12 responses to “Throw away the scale!

  1. I agree with not letting the scale dictate how you feel. I am a reformed daily weigher and recently banished my scale to the closet. Since doing so, I am not nearly as concerned about the numbers and my head is in a better place.
    I do weigh in once a week at Weight Watchers and that’s it.

  2. I agree that the scale can have a very negative effect on us. I only weigh myself about once per month. The reason I do not completely get rid of my scale is that I once gained quite a bit of weight “without realizing it.” Well, that’s of course not entirely true. I purposefully wore pants with elastic bands, workout pants, etc. I think a well-fitting pair of pants can be a great way to keep track of your weight. But I still like to “check in” on my weight once in a while, just to make sure…

    And thanks for giving me the Greek Salad idea in the first place! 🙂

  3. I agree with you partly about the ditching the scale issue! But for some it gives them structure and motivation! Like me if I don’t monitor and get detail oriented I can swerve easily! So to get me back to my sense I need it. But a word here, I never let the Scale dictate me, I am the boss here and the scale is merely a tool for me, apart from my diet and exercise!

    Great dinner!

  4. I only weight once per month, same time every month. That’s it. Weighing every week to me is total sabotage, especially if you’re a woman. I know for a fact my weight fluctuates alot from week to week, day to day. By weighing once per month at the same time, it’s a checks and balance system, but doesn’t let me get anxious. I also purposely don’t own a scale.

  5. hi angie! just found your blog, and i love this post. 🙂 as someone who struggled with horrible body image and disordered eating, it’s pretty much my crusade now to spread positive body image for women. i agree that the scale isn’t worth anyone’s time!

  6. Yay more posts on body image! My relationship with the scale is better than it used to be: I used to weigh myself everyday and often to punish myself, knowing it would be higher than I wanted. Now I am working on making it more of a neutral tool: I want to realistically know how much I gained on holiday, and weigh myself about 1-2 times a week to see if it’s coming off. But I do only weigh when I know the number will be the same or lower, not when I’m feeling bloated or whatever.

    So in fact, I am already quite in touch with my body on how it’s doing weight-wise, yet I still turn to the scale for a little… I dunno, possible pick-me-up? I guess that’s still a bit warped. But on the other hand it’s also a good motivation to keep eating healthy.

    I’m far more relaxed now and trust my knowledge, taste & hunger instead of calories. So compared to obsessively counting calories & weighing everyday (sometimes twice!), I think I’ve moved on quite a bit!

    Oh, and I also don’t want to put on clothes that won’t fit – so if the number on the scale is higher it is easier to deal with than with trousers that don’t fit.

  7. I used to weigh myself daily and keep the scales in my bedroom. I’ve moved them to my parents bathroom (which I don’t use) so that I only weigh myself occasionally if I thought I may have gained. I don’t think I could ever through them out completely, I’d start panicking thinking I’m putting weight on and not knowing how much.

  8. How crazy is the post to me right now? I JUST got rid of my scale and plan to write a post about it later today!! The scale is my enemy for sure; I used to let it rule my emotions and have finally learned that it just is not worth it!

  9. angiesappetite

    Ladies- Thanks for the great comments!!

    I have to agree with you that the scale certainly can be a tool. In fact, as some of you said, weighing at least once a month can be a good idea just to make sure things haven’t changed drastically.

    My main point is that you are much more than the number on the scale- let it be what it is…just that, a number.

    Thanks for your thoughts!!

  10. I used to weigh daily but can’t remember the last time I stepped on the scale. I still have it though but I’m perfectly comfortable with my body that it has not crossed my mind to measure my weight in months. Yay! 😀

  11. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    I go through phases where I weigh myself all the time, and then weeks will go by when I don’t think about it once. I really try not to put importance on the number on the scale, but it’s hard!

  12. i don’t weigh myself too often but i don’t demonize it either – i want to desensitize myself to the numbers on the scale and be okay with whatever it says….

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