Pizza all day

I hope your Monday is going well so far!

I’ve had a busy morning – first up was a gastric bypass nutrition class and then some paperwork catch-up. After that, I got to come home for a quick lunch break – I decided on a quick flat-out pizza….


Half had tomato sauce and cheese….the other half had pesto, spinach, and feta…delicious! While I was at it, I also threw together a couple more pizzas on naan for us to warm up later since I’m working late tonight!


And, some juicy Bing cherries….


Gotta run…back to work for a couple of nutrition consults, boot camp, and weight loss class- busy afternoon and evening ahead. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


7 responses to “Pizza all day

  1. The pizzas look amazing so much better home made 🙂

  2. I looove making homemade pizza! They stopped selling Flat Outs at the grocery store I usually go to, so I’ve been making my own crust. Not as good though 😉

    Enjoy your evening!


  3. Yum!!! I wish I could find those flat-outs at my nearby grocery store…

  4. flat bread pizzas are a great idea! yum!!

  5. Those pizzas look amazing. I once tried making the buffalo shrimp pizza after i had eaten it at Buffalo wild wings and it turned out delicious!

    Looks like you had a busy day! have a relaxing evening!

  6. I’ll have the pesto spinach half please. 🙂 Yummy!
    I had a 4mile evening run to start the week right. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. Ooh, I love flat out pizzas! The pesto side sounds amazing.

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