Semi-lazy Sunday

I have mixed feelings about Sundays- on one hand, I love them…but on the other hand, it always seems like the weekend is ending too soon!

We stayed up a little too late last night with the movie and yogurt…it was worth it, but I so wanted to sleep in a little later this morning so I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7:50 – somehow we still made it out the door by 8:40 or so to make it to church. I managed to still make time for a quick breakfast….pumpkin oats with chocolate chips, fresh raspberries, and crunchy almond butter. It was delicious!


I’m always glad when we make it to church, even though the rushing around that it takes me to get ready is crazy! I also volunteered in the toddler class today….whew….we had a few unhappy babies today…sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is work…today was mostly work.

Lunch was at Ruby Tuesdays….I had a huge salad piled high with almost everything…


And, a bowl of white chicken chili….The chili was just okay, the salad was fabulous!


My plan for the rest of the afternoon is some time on the sofa with the newspaper and maybe a nap!

Hope your Sunday is great!


9 responses to “Semi-lazy Sunday

  1. My Sunday’s almost over – time for bed! It’s 9:18 pm, but I need an early night 😉 I know what you mean about Sundays. But I try to push those thoughts out of my head, otherwise I’ll be dreading Sundays! I think maybe we plan too much/focus too much on weekends, making them feel shorter. Ha, but I guess that’s human (female?) nature. MM your oats look good as usual!

    Enjoy your nap & newspaper!

  2. Your sunday sounds like mine. RELAXATION. Your raspberries look beautiful. All those tasty antioxidants. Yum!

  3. I love Sundays, it’s the only day I sleep in sometimes till dinner. It does feel like the only day of rest where I don’t do anything.

  4. Your oats and raspberries look great! And your salad looks delicious… There is nothing better than a tasty salad… 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 🙂

  5. what’s on top of the chili? yogurt? sour cream?

  6. Aww man, the soup was just ok? I LOVE bean soup, that’s a shame. That salad does look great. I haven’t been to Ruby Tuesday in a really long time, I should check it out again.

    Have a great week!

  7. Sounds like a nice Sunday! Love the oats, and that salad looks really good, too. Haha, I love that you dragged yourself out of bed at 7:50–geez, I woke up so late!

  8. Hope you had a lovely Sunday nap. Your salad looks divine!

  9. Those raspberries are gorgeous!

    I have the same feeling about Sundays…esp this week knowing that I was heading back to work after a week on vacation!

    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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