Condo for sale

What a busy day! I’m so happy to be home.

I had a busy day at work…lots of catching up on phone calls, paperwork, generally things that aren’t my favorites…but I do feel good when I get them accomplished.

I tried this new Think Thin bar at my desk while I was working on an article for a local newspaper about “Healthy Eating on a Budget”….my deadline is tomorrow, so that’s one thing I haven’t gotten finished yet. The bar was pretty good…not the best…but decent.


Then, I had a meeting regarding Juice Plus. Do you know anything about it? I’ve done research on Juice Plus several times over the years. The research seems to be mixed…it is probably a good supplement…but I believe we should primarily focus on getting our nutrients from real fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Our bariatric surgeon is interested in promoting Juice Plus to our bariatric patients…which is probably a good idea, since they can’t always eat near as many fruits and veggies as they need each day. We sampled a couple of their new protein drink options during the meeting….


Late lunch was at my desk: tuna salad on wheat and a small salad….


Anthony and I both had a long day and we were craving the same thing for dinner….Mexican. I know, I know…we eat Mexican a lot- out and at home but I am in love with chips, salsa, and guacamole! And, tonight….I really wanted a margarita….it isn’t as big as it looks, but it was deeelicious!


My favorite part of the meal….


By this time…I was so happy I didn’t even care about dinner….I couldn’t really make up my mind…I ended up ordering a combo of chile relleno and an enchilada…I ate about half of this plate…but plenty of chips, salsa, and guac.


After dinner, we headed to our condo….my condo that I bought on my own in 2004 (before I had even met Anthony) – I loved living there and we have had it on the market since last September right before we got married….so far…no luck. It is so cute though…we went over tonight just to do a little cleaning and a little more de-cluttering (I have way too many things still there). Hopefully it will sell one day…if not, we may be landlords…maybe “condo for rent”!




It has been a long day…time for a shower and bed. Goodnight!


6 responses to “Condo for sale

  1. Your lunch looks delicious, and I love having pickles with sandwiches! They definitely complete the meal 🙂 Your mexican meal looks great, too! The chips and guac are my fav. part, too. I hope your condo sells soon! It’s cute 🙂

  2. Small world. My client Marius’ company handles all of the Juice Plus adverts. Hope you are well!

  3. Very cute condo. You should rent it!

    Juice Plus is new to me. I agree totally about getting nutrients in via fruits and veges, but, being bariatric myself, I can tell you, early on, they NEED a supplement. Their energy is so low that any carb/protein combo they can get in liquid-wise, I support. I cannot tell you how just utterly exhausted I felt in the beginning. Four years out, I can eat anything I want and I’m not restricted in quantities (so I can eat large helping of veggies), so I don’t supplement with that kind of thing anymore. I know you’re the professional, but that’s just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

  4. good luck with the condo – i’m sure you’d make a great landlord!

  5. craigslists, craigslist, craigslist = condo sale or at least more exposure

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