Sculpt + Power Breakfast

My alarm went off at 5:05 am this morning…I am SO not a morning person, but I do love having my workout over early in the morning. I powered out of bed and to the gym to teach a 6 am sculpt class. I usually teach this class about twice a month. It is a full body sculpt class – this morning I used a Bosu and we did everything from Bosu squats, heavy weighted squats, lunges, Bosu pushups, heavy rows, shoulder presses, biceps, Turkish get-ups, planks, triceps dips….and more. I was home by 7:15 and ready for a yummy, full-of-energy breakfast….


  • Kashi Honey Sunshine
  • Special K with chocolate
  • strawberries and blueberries
  • crunchy almond butter
  • hazelnut coffee with cream

Delicious!! Should be plenty of energy to get me through the first few hours of the day!

Congrats again to Mrs. Myers on winning the Trader Joe’s Giveaway! Yay! Mrs. Myers also asked a good question yesterday –

Hey girl. Question for you. I see that you eat noticeably less than what other food bloggers do, say Kath or Jenna. I’m just curious why that is. I notice they have a fairly active workout schedule and you tend to be super busy with work, so maybe because of less chance to exercise. Just wondering. (I always value an RD’s opinion on this.)

Great question! I started this blog to share what this real person, and dietitian, eats in the middle of a busy life. I work with clients and patients who tell me that they can’t really eat healthy and exercise because their lives are too busy. I wanted to show, that while it is difficult at times to eat healthy and exercise while juggling a busy life (full-time career, husband, family, volunteering, teaching aerobics, etc.) – that it is at least possible with a little planning. I try to photograph all of my main meals and some of my snacks, but that doesn’t always happen, so there are definitely days that I don’t document every single thing. So, most every day, even if I don’t show it, in addition to 3 meals, I usually have 2-3 snacks- fage yogurt, fruit, a Lara bar, etc. I do eat relatively smaller portions at meals – with the goal of eating until I’m just satisfied – not “full” – I have been focusing on hunger and fullness cues for a long time, so I usually know about what size portion to put on my plate – I don’t measure anything. I also don’t count calories, but I would estimate that I eat approximately 2000 calories or so most days. Hope that answers your question- and let me know if you have follow-up questions!

Thanks for reading! Have a great Tuesday!



10 responses to “Sculpt + Power Breakfast

  1. Sounds like a fun, challenging BOSU workout! Have a great day!

  2. I love the Q & A!!! Thanks for sharing! I’m interested in hearing what other people want to know about you (and RDs in general). Thanks for sharing! Also, I LOVE the sculpt class at my gym! By far THE BEST workout!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the answer! That explains a lot. When I saw your posts, I figured I was only looking at around 1500 cals or so (I’m the friggin Cal Nazi – I can spot them a mile away), and I was surprised. It’s really rare you see a dietician eating so low calorie. Again, thanks for the answer and the cool new stuff!!!

  4. sounds like a great workout!

    I had seen the question in the comments and was hoping you would respond because I was curious- I don’t generally assume that people photograph *everything* they eat, but I do wonder sometimes if/what else goes on since I am trying to get more of an idea of what a “normal” diet is…though I guess we are all different and have different requirements! (Food blogs would die a fast death if everyone ate exactly the same 😛 )

  5. Ooh, 5:05 is early! I’m definitely not a morning person either, but I’d tough it out when I had to wake up at 5 to skate. It was worth it when I got out on the ice.

  6. It is HARD photographing every single thing, isn’t it?

  7. Great answer! Plus, you don’t blog about every single thing you eat, like some people do.

    Like you I am NOT a morning person, but I love getting my workout over with in the morning! If I don’t, sometimes I am not motivated at night.

  8. sounds like a great workout! i’m a cardio girl, but i’m trying to get into doing some more resistance and strength exercises though.

    i also don’t photograph everything i eat (otherwise there would be a lot of pictures of random handfuls of cereal or spoons of hummus, haha). then again, i don’t blog everyday!

  9. I love 6am workouts because I feel so good after getting in a good one so early and don’t have to think about it later. I’m like you I have 3 substantial meals with little snacks in between and eat at least every 3 hours. I can’t eat too large of a meal or else I feel uncomfortable. I do like to have a bigger breakfast, which helps to eat a little less throughout the day. Of course there are times when I do over indulge and that gets me back on track! I love TJ’s!

  10. Thanks for admitting that you eat ~2000 cals/day. I get crazy hearing that I should be eating 1200, I wouldn’t be happy or healthy at that level. I’m pretty sure I eat 2000+, and I still lose weight, though perhaps slower than I could if I ate less. I don’t think that would do me well in the long run, I can eat this way forever, and I will.

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