Going Raw?


As a dietitian, my food beliefs have been grounded in science and in promoting a balanced diet that I believe is possible for the average person to follow over time…which to me, means all things in moderation.

However, I’ve been intrigued lately by some of the blogs on raw food that I’ve been reading. I’m curious enough to consider trying to incorporate more raw food into my daily diet. I love to learn and try new things and I especially love trying new or different approaches to food. I don’t see a raw food diet becoming a lifestyle for me, but more of an experiment by trying to have a raw food meal here and there. So, in that theme, I started my day with some banana and watermelon chunks.

Have you tried “going raw”? 

What are some pros and cons, in your opinion??

Have a great Friday!


5 responses to “Going Raw?

  1. Con: It’s too expensive and time consuming! I’d love to go “raw” but I already spend enough money and time on my diet that I wouldn’t want to add to that. Keeping up with a raw diet is just not something I want to do right now, maybe later on in life? But not now. I just can’t give up my quick and easy frozen vegetables!!

  2. Cons are time involved, price and the fact that my body runs best with a lot of protein which I think would be hard to get. I think there is a lot of benefits to including a lot of raw produce, but completely raw doesn’t appeal… A healthy diet to me includes all foods in moderation 🙂

  3. I think “RAW” for me is something that I can try occasionally in my diet. I find the concept intriguing but a bit too expensive and time consuming. Additionally I think that any lifestyle change adopted should be more fun than a hassle! At this point planning raw meals would be more of a hard Chore for me! Not to forget the foods that I would miss!

  4. Raw is intriguing to me as well. In theory, I think it’s great. In reality, well, time is a big issue for me and money. I’m so very busy that I’d be concerned I’d end up skipping meals because it’s “too hard.” Also, I’d be concerned about getting in protein.

  5. The raw lifestyle intrigues me, but it doesn’t seem too practical for me. I’d love to have some raw meals, but I don’t think I could go completely raw, or even high raw.

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