Free Friday Afternoon

Thanks for your great comments about the “raw food” diet. They were interesting to read. I agree that it seems it would be difficult to follow a raw diet in a strict sense…however, I’m definitely intrigued to continue to work at adding more raw foods and unprocessed or less processed foods to my regular, balanced diet.

I worked a short day today and did some grocery shopping on my way home. I tried a Coconut water for the first time- it was mango flavored- and I was very pleasantly surprised….nice, light coconut flavor with a hint of mango- I will definitely purchase this again.


I also had a coconut chocolate Lara Bar…keeping with the coconut theme!


After grocery shopping at both Target and Earth Fare, I headed home to unload my groceries, do a bit of straightening up, and ate a quick lunch inspired by my simple dinner last night…garden tomato and cheese on double fiber bread with Food Should Taste Good jalapeno chips with gucamole/salsa (1/2 avocado mixed with 1/4 cup salsa) – Yum!


These chips are so good!


The rest of my afternoon’s agenda- maybe a nap with my sweet husband (who just got home from fishing), maybe a walk, fireworks later tonight….love it when there’s nothing set in stone on my agenda!! Have a great Friday evening!


3 responses to “Free Friday Afternoon

  1. I’m also trying to incorporate as many raw and unprocessed foods into my diet as possible. But I think that eating only raw foods is just not practical for me at this point in my life.

    Perfect sandwich with guacamole/salsa! πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Your guac/salsa combination looks delish!

  3. I’ve never tried mango coconut water, but I’ve had regular coconut water and it was great! The mango one sounds yummy. Happy 4th!

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