The Proposal

After our Weekend Warriors class this morning…I was ready for a cool shower and a nap…I love taking a nap in cool sheets on a hot summer day.

And, Anthony went for a haircut…lucky me, next door to his barber shop is a great little Mexican place Qdoba, that has awesome homemade guacamole, so he brought me a little snack…


Later, Anthony requested breakfast for dinner…which sounded great, so we had French Toast…my plate had two slices of French Toast, almond butter, berries, and a drizzle of syrup.


After dinner, we went to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock…great romantic comedy…pretty funny at times, and just an overall feel-good movie. Afterwards, we went to a great little ice cream place and I had a scoop of mint chocolate chip in a sugar cone…the perfect ending to a great summer night.

I hope your Saturday was great. Goodnight!


3 responses to “The Proposal

  1. Now that’s a lovely dinner! Hmm…I haven’t had french toast in ages and can totally make some tomorrow since I have Costco quantity of eggs and bread loafs to work through.

  2. SO it was an ok movie? It really didn’t look good to me but I’ve heard great reviews so far! I guess I’ll have to see it 🙂

    Mint chocolate chip is my favorite (well, one of my favorite) ice creams. I hope to buy some mint flavoring and make my own some day soon!

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. I reallllly want to see that movie. It’s so rare for me to want to see a movie, too. Glad to hear you liked it. Have a great one!

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