Strong Women, Weekend Warriors!!

My morning started early today with a 6 am alarm clock!! I threw on some clothes, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to meet Tammye. My friend Tammye is one of the best personal trainers and aerobics instructors in the world and she has started teaching an outdoor bootcamp class, Weekend Warriors, on some Saturday mornings. Breakfast needed to be quick and a good source of energy…I had two 5-seed almond bars (from Trader Joe’s), a cup of coffee and a big water….


A breakfast like this works out great for me before a long/hard workout because it is a good source of carbohydrate, a little fat, and a little protein. And, the coffee is vital!

Tammye and I taught boot camp together for years and we work really well together…She is the brains behind the whole operation….she does all the planning and I help her with the teaching. With 20-30 people or more, it is helpful to have an extra instructor to help manage everyone. We met at the gym where she works and at 8 am – we all headed out for a little walk to the park with all of our equipment. Here is the before photo….


What a strong group of women!! We didn’t waste any time getting started….this was a sprint and backpedal drill- isn’t this a beautiful park setting?


Football run drill on the steps…


Quick rest between some leg exercises…


Throw in some medicine ball drills, ladder drills, jumping rope, relay races, triceps dips, lunges, squat jumps….and many, many more….and before we knew, it was 10:00 – we headed back into the gym for a quick snack and Pilates to finish. The walk back through the park was gorgeous.


I had a banana and some apple juice…


And, Tammye led everyone through some Pilates and a few stretches…


We finished with big SMILES and lots of sweat! Great workout…great job Tammye- thanks for leading and inspiring us! And, thanks to such a great group of women…everyone was so encouraging to one another…cheering each other on…just a great way to start the weekend.

I came home and had my leftover drunken noodles…all I can say is amazing! With more water.


Now, a nap is looking pretty appealing…that may be a possibility. Have a great Saturday!


9 responses to “Strong Women, Weekend Warriors!!

  1. That sounds like so much fun!!! I’ve never done a bootcamp class, but I’ve always wanted to.

    Good job!

  2. Wherever I end up one day, I really hope there is a good group of women like the one you have found, who will put together something like your “weekend warriors”. I really love it when you post about those experiences because it gives me something to look forward to one day. If there isn’t already a group like that, I will start one! I think it’s looks like so much fun, and SUCH a great workout! Actually I should start looking out for a group like that now, there are probably some around here….How did you find your group?

  3. Menden (Skinny Menny)

    That class looks like fun! I’d love to find something like that around where I live.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂

  4. Oh my…that sounds like such a strenous, butt-kicking workout! But it does seem like such motivational fun to sweat it out with all these amazing women!

  5. Looks like an awesome butt-kicker! 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great workout! 🙂

  7. WOW!! That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! Wish they had something like that in my town 😦

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