Chips + Chips

So, today has been a day of snacking all day long….don’t worry – Weekend Warriors class is coming up tomorrow morning, so I will be sure to burn it all off then!!

Once or twice a year, my department at work gets together for a team-building day or half-day…A couple of years ago we went hiking, last year we went to get manicures/pedicures, before my wedding they took me to a great cabin in the mountains for a weekend….we just generally try to get together away from work to hang out and spend some time together away from the busyness and stress. With lots of busyness lately…it was a little overdue. So, today we went to a late lunch for our staff meeting, got some work done and some good brainstorming for new projects, and just had fun chatting and hanging out.

So, knowing that lunch would be late…we brought some snacks in to nibble on in our office this morning.

Dana’s famous spinach dip was requested (demanded : ) by Michelle….I had a little bit with some yummy pretzel crackers….It is super good.


I made a yummy and simple black bean, corn, and feta salad…recipe courtesy my friend Brenda, who I think got the recipe from our friend Joanna.


I had a mini-cup serving x 2 – so good with these Food Should Taste Good multi-grain chips…I totally love these chips!


So, after a busy morning at work and a meeting at the wellness center, we headed to Miss Olivia’s Table for lunch. Miss Olivia is owned by the lovely Olivia who is a fabulous cook and happened to cater my wedding! She also did a segment a few years ago on one of Bobby Flay’s shows on the Food Network…pretty cool? She has a great little restaurant that is open only for lunch and she stays quite busy the rest of the time catering. At Miss Olivia’s Table, one of her specialties is homemade potato chips…yes- delicious…and another specialty is homemade desserts…so you can bet that I had a little of both.

For lunch, I had homemade tuna salad on homemade sourdough with homemade potato chips- delish!


And I knew I would be in trouble if we didn’t have dessert, so we ordered 3 to split among 7! Chocolate Trifle, Rum Cake, and Strawberry Trifle…I had one bite of the Chocolate and one bite of the Rum…both were fabulous!


Thanks, Olivia for a delicious lunch! And, thanks girls for everything you do…I am so lucky to work with such a great group of people!

Have a great afternoon!!


11 responses to “Chips + Chips

  1. What a lovely team outing!!! I’m curious about the spinach dip-would Dana be willing to share the recipe??

    • angiesappetite

      I’m sure she would, Sweta. I’ll ask her next week, and hopefully I can post it! Thanks for asking!

  2. mmm the food just looks delicious!! I am surely trying Miss Olivia’s place soon.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! Your blog looks great too!
    We should do a link exchange. I’m sure my readers could benefit from your site. I’m adding you to my blogroll today! and keep up the great work;)

  4. Hi Angie! Thanks for visiting my blog :D. I looove Food Should Taste Good stuff too!

    I adore Food Network, so being on Bobby Flay’s show is so awesome. The homemade stuff looks absolutely delicious, glad you enjoyed it so much. Trifle and Rum cake? Yummmm.

    Hope you have a fabulous rest of the day!

  5. Which show was she on??? That’s awesome! And she catered your wedding?? Wow, it must have been great.

    Those chips look delicious. I love finding chips that have some type of health benefit. My favorite are sweet potato chips! I wonder if Olivia would make those!

  6. lately I have been making tuna salads like they have been going out of style 🙂 so delicious and yours is rocking my boat right now! haha

  7. HOMEMADE chips and HOMEMADE bread!! Wow!! Talented!!!

  8. Sounds like such a fun day!

    The food looks awesome!

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