Energy combo bowl

Good morning….I should be going strong most of the morning with this yummy, full-of-energy combo!

First, a delicious cup of Newman’s Own Extra Bold….


If you live alone or with a non-coffee-drinker…the Keurig is the best single cup coffee maker I’ve ever found. Anthony and I got it as a wedding gift last year and I love it!! (Thanks girls!)

And, a yummy waffle combo….



  • Kashi blueberry waffle
  • fresh almond butter
  • pumpkin butter
  • blueberries
  • one medjool date, choppped

This was a delicious combo!

I hope you have a great Thursday! I’m off to work!


6 responses to “Energy combo bowl

  1. Pumpkin butter?? PUMPKIN BUTTER?!?!? Have I been living under a rock?? Why have I not gotten this and tried it already??? And it looks like it does a lovely dance with your waffles, blueberries, date and AB!! YUM!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks, Allison! I’m giving away some pumpkin butter next week so stay tuned…

      Your breakfast looked great!!

  2. I need to try making my own pumpkin butter- it’s impossible to find here but I have canned pumpkin… 🙂

    have a great Thursday!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks, Ellie!!

      I’m giving away some pumpkin butter next week!! If you figure out how to make it, though, let me know!

  3. My mom and dad have one of those coffee makers. I need one. My hubby is starting to crack down on my Starbucks spending. 😦 *tear

    Your breakfast always seems small to me. What’s the calorie content on that?

    • angiesappetite

      Seriously…it is so easy to spend WAY too much at Starbucks…I haven’t actually calculated it, but I’m sure I have saved a lot of money since we got the Keurig. I still get Starbucks occasionally, but not near as often as before.

      You know, I honestly never count my own calories–a ballpark estimate for my breakfast today is probably around 350, which is a little low…but I usually make up for the rest of it with a morning snack…although today I had an early lunch and then an afternoon snack.

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