Farmer Anthony?

Yesterday, Anthony picked our first pepper…and this afternoon, he brought these in from the garden….


I was so excited…our first cucumber and first tomato…now, this tomato was pretty small but we have some large green tomatoes outside, so I can’t wait until they get ripe! But, with my ripe imagination…this convinced me that Anthony and I need to live on a farm….that may be a little imaginative, considering these are the first vegetables we’ve ever grown (and the fact that I’m not a fan of dirt or bugs)….but I’ve gotten really excited about our veggies!

Today was a busy day at work and when we got home, Anthony and I did a little rushing around. He cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed, and I folded and put away some laundry and then we quickly worked on dinner. I actually put together a written plan this week for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday….I don’t usually do that, but I felt like more structured planning would help make my afternoons a little less stressful when I’m rushing home and trying to figure out, “What’s for dinner?”…..and the plan has worked well so far. On tonight’s plan….


Tonight is our weekly newlywed group, so that meant we needed something relatively quick for dinner. Usually we throw these on the grill, but tonight, I cooked them on the stove, along with some onions and peppers and served them in leftover whole-wheat tortillas with sweet potato fries and a simple home-grown cucumber and tomato salad.


This was such a great meal…and it was really quick to prepare. After dinner, we rushed out the door to Tom and Anita’s for a great discussion on Communication in Marriage….wow, what an important topic! I feel like Anthony and I do really well in this area most of the time. Now, if I’m really tired, unfortunately, that is when I tend to speak too quickly or harshly. Anthony is so great though….he never speaks to me unkindly – in fact, sometimes I tell him that something must be wrong because we almost never fight or argue….I think I’m just really lucky to have a calm, thoughtful husband who is slow to anger.

And, of course, Tom and Anita always have delicious coffee and delicious snacks…Tom made me a yummy cappuccino from their awesome coffee machine….


And Anita served us a beautiful glass of chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream with fresh berries…delish!


Thanks for a nice evening and great discussion, Tom and Anita!

Wow- is it really almost 10:30 already? Where do the hours go? I hope you’ve had a great day!



9 responses to “Farmer Anthony?

  1. To the start of a great home-grown vegetable season! I can’t wait to see all the great meals with your own veggies! 🙂

  2. yay, cucumber and tomato!! The ice cream looks so good!!

  3. (((green tomatoes))) Do you ever fry them?!

    What’s this newlyweds group like?


  4. I thought of you this evening when I packed my lunch for tomorrow. I’m going to attempt the oats in my almond butter jar!! I only had a littleeft so I’m using your idea!
    Anyway, looks like your garden is doing well! I want freash cucs and maters!!!!

  5. Yes, communication is 100% the most important part of a relationship. Nick always remind me of that, which is nice (coming from a guy). I feel the same as you when it comes to arguing, Nick and I don’t do it often and Nick rarely raises his voice. Most of the time it’s me (sadly) who starts arguments!

    The turkey italian sausages sound great. I haven’t seen them, but maybe I’m not looking hard enough, I’d love to try them on the grill this summer!!

  6. eatingwithsally

    I’m so excited for you. I would love to grow my own vegetables but in Manhattan that is hard to do!

    Communication is definitely the most important part to any relationship. We are not mind readers and so we have to be open and honest in every relationship we have. That’s sometimes is easier said than done… but I always say that it doesn’t have to come through conversation, you could always write it down. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  7. I’ve gotta know. What is a “weekly newlywed group”?

  8. How cool, I get so excited with gardening stuff. I can’t wait till we can start our own raised bed eventually. We’ll try to start in September when it starts cooling down here. Communication is so very important, and I tend to avoid situations if I’m upset. Chris is great because he makes me talk and then once I get going, it’s so much better. It’s never good to hold it in, but I still have to remind myself of this 🙂 I always plan the dinners for the week on the Friday before. I’m definitely a planner and list writer.

  9. Love the post! Everything looks divine! And do you know what I really love about all your food pictures ? You always make everything look special. I especially notice this with your “treats” — the quantities are in check, but because of the presentation you can tell it’s a special treat!

    Love it! have a great weekend

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