Our first pepper

Wow – where do the hours go? I can’t believe it is after 9:00 pm already!!

Today was a busy day at work….I stopped long enough to have a caesar salad with chicken and a delicious peach green iced tea for lunch.


And, kept busy with some nutrition consults for diabetes this afternoon. After work, I taught a 45-minute Sculpt class – it was a good, full-body workout.

I was so excited after that to have a free night with Anthony! We got to pick our first veggie from our garden tonight….this beautiful pepper! I was so excited!


I can’t wait until we start having ripe tomatoes!!

Dinner was at-home Mexican….I love Mexican food and we usually go out for it once a week or so…but it is always healthier to make at home. We started with some homemade guacamole and multi-grain chips.


And, a homemade chicken fajita (with our first pepper!!) on a whole wheat tortilla…delicious!


I’m off to spend a few more minutes with my amazing husband…and maybe early (?) to bed….



7 responses to “Our first pepper

  1. OMG your first pepper, how exciting!!!My tomatoes will be ripe anytime now!

    The Mexican dinner looks great!

  2. Look at that gorgeous pepper! I’m jealous…I’m trying to grow peppers and it just ain’t happenin’, lol 🙂 Hope you have a great night, Angie!

  3. Wow!! How exciting! You get to eat your OWN homegrown produce!! I’m so jealous!!! The tacos look fab!

  4. I didn’t know that Tazo sells their teas in a jar! I mostly make my ice teas at home these days (it’s so easy and cheap to do), but I know I’d be very tempted to at least give one a try. It’s my favorite brand of Western teas.

  5. I love Mexican food, and homemade is so much better- yay for first peppers! 😀

  6. How exciting! Your first pepper! Food just tastes better when you grew it! 🙂

  7. Ooh, pretty pepper! That’s so exciting. Your dinner looks lovely 🙂

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