Taking my own advice

Good Monday Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed and ready for a new week!

As a dietitian, many of my patients will ask me, “If I am only willing to do one thing to improve my diet, what should I do?”….my answer is almost always, “Eat more fruits and veggies”.  And, I usually have a good variety of fruits and veggies in my diet…but I’m always working on doing better. So, hopefully my meals this week will inspire more fruit and veggie intake.

I started today with a Kashi blueberry waffle with almond butter, fresh blueberries, and a drizzle of syrup…and coffee.


Perfectly filling fuel to start my morning. I have a long day at work…a nutrition consult this morning, a lunch with the dietetic interns that I’m looking forward to, and boot camp and weight loss class this evening.

What is your one best simple eating tip or piece of nutrition advice?

What do you work on improving in your own diet?

Have a great day!


11 responses to “Taking my own advice

  1. Yum…. fresh blue berries…. does it get any better than that?? Your breakfast looks so good!

    My “simple eating tip” would have to do with eating out. My hubby and I eat out a lot and I follow 2 rules. I check the menu online before we go and decide what I’m getting. That way I’m not influenced by the smells and pictures in the menu at the restaurant in the moment. Then, when I order my food I tell the waiter to bring a to-go box out with the food. I put half my meal directly into the to-go box before I eat. I don’t over-eat AND I have left-overs for work during the week!! Check my blog later today to see my good eats from this weekend!!!

  2. waffles are such a great start to the day!

    I am working on variety in my diet more than anything- I get into ruts without realising then see that I have had pretty much the same thing for lunch every day for 2 weeks straight…a healthy balanced lunch, but I think switching things up a bit is the best way to cover all nutritional bases!

  3. Interesting…starting today, I was just thinkint that I would drastically reduce my sugar intake, and that includes fruits. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and the endocrinologist suggested that I cut back on fruits since it’s my major source of sugar on a daily basis. And since I buy fruit from Costco, there’s a bulk supply at home and I end up eating way too much of it. Perhaps multiple cupfuls a day via smoothies.

    I don’t want to eliminate fruit from my diet but just need to figure out how much of it I should eat in a given week, for example.

  4. I read an article a while back by a trainer to the stars. He was talking about the rainbow diet. The basic rundown of it is that we need to eat all the colors of the rainbow (fruits and veges-wise) in order to get all our nutrition in. It was SUCH a simple concept, and it really stuck with me. I’ve been really trying to eat more colorful veggies and fruits. Simple, but powerful.

  5. Lovely breakfast!

    I also recommend lots of fruits and veggies. I love having a huge salad with lots of veggies, cheese crumbles, and some protein (crumbled veggie burger or meat-less strips… or fish!)

    I’m working on getting more healthy fats into my diet–nuts, avocados, nut butter…

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I would have to agree with you, while I try my best to get more in, sometimes it just gets a little hectic! One thing I really try to tell people is the importance of planning and making sure they have the healthy foods available, and taking a little extra time to prep for meals ahead of time. Also getting rid of those ‘goodies’ that are just staring them in the face. Of course it’s hard to avoid it if it’s right there!! And always have a snack so you never get too hungry 🙂 That’s a little bit more than one (sorry!), but planning is a big one.

  7. That’s so funny, I always get that question too! I think telling people to include more fruits and veggies in their diet is great advice. As for me, I know I get plenty, but I need to work on eating more during the day and less at night. I don’t do it on purpose, but I think I don’t take enough time during the day to eat, then at night I eat tons! It’s not like a binge, but I probably eat 1200 calories during the day, then about 800 from dinner on. That’s not good. I want to be closer to 1400 to 1500 during the day, then 600 to 500 at night (this is an estimate, I don’t always get exactly 2000 calories, I’m sure!).

  8. My one thing to eliminate is well two things…sugar and wheat. Wheat usually comes loaded with sugar.

  9. That would be my advice too,along with reduce the amount of oil used for cooking(I always feel Indians use way too much oil in their dishes)!
    I tend to add veggies even when the recipe doesn’t call for it 😉

  10. The good old plate technique – 1/2 veggies, 1/4 lean protein, 1/4 whole grain carbohydrate. But I agree more fruits/veggies in general is great advice!

    My personal area for improvement is avoiding mindless eating/overeating at night. The blog has really helped so far!

  11. eatingwithsally

    I’m working on cooking different foods. Each week I seem to cook the same meals so trying to mix things up a bit. 🙂

    I’m also always learning to listen to my body.

    Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

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