Congratulations future dietitians

Thanks, everyone, for your great comments on nutritional advice! I loved reading them.

Today has been a long and busy day…after a diabetes nutrition consult this morning, my co-worker, Heather and I attended the UT (University of Tennessee) Dietetic Interns’ graduation luncheon. I have been working with their program for the last 6-7 years as a preceptor for the students to spend a week with me in wellness and weight management during their internship. It was a great group of students this year and it was cool to see their accomplishments and wish them well as they move on to start their careers. It is also fun to see some other dietitians that I don’t often see.

Lunch was a stuffed chicken breast with veggies and pesto orzo. It was really pretty good. I ate most all of the chicken and the veggies and 1/2 of the orzo.


And, about half of this slice of carrot cake…it was so good!


Then, it was back to work for boot camp and weight loss class tonight. When I finally got home a little after 8, my amazing husband had already cooked dinner – veggie pizza and I had leftover Greek salad from yesterday’s lunch.


Anthony is so good! Besides making pizza, he also went grocery shopping on his way home from work.

Then, I’m almost embarrassed to admit, I had to sit and watch Jon and Kate…I watched their show a lot the first few seasons, but I hadn’t seen it much in the last year or two…but all the marketing of their “big announcement” got my attention and I sat down to watch. Very sad…such a beautiful family…I’m an optimist- I still hope they manage to work things out and save their marriage.

I had a small bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with dark chocolate syrup while I watched….


Now, I am relaxed and ready for bed. Hope you’ve had a great Monday. Goodnight!


7 responses to “Congratulations future dietitians

  1. The carrot cake looks good! 🙂

    Jon and Kate’s story is very sad…

  2. Ooh that carrot cake looks yummy! I don’t have cable, so I haven’t seen the newest Jon and Kate. But when it goes up online, I’ll probably watch it. I like to have an idea of what everyone’s talking about, haha.

    Have a lovely night!

  3. I heard about Jon/Kate. It’s sad. I’m divorced myself, and it always breaks my heart to hear of someone else going through that trauma.

  4. P.S. I guess I missed your headline because when I read it, I was like OOOOOH that’s me!!! (Far Future… sigh)

  5. Why a great hubby! He made dinner AND went grocery shopping?!? He’s a keeper!!

    I’m totally bummed about John and Kate too. Let’s all hope they work it out!


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