Saturday at home

Woo Hoo! I love waking up on Saturday mornings in my own bed – and with our traveling over the last few weeks, it hasn’t happened enough. This morning, we slept in a little and woke up naturally and decided to try French toast for breakfast….I haven’t made it in forever, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out…it was delicious though.


  • double fiber French toast
  • Naturally More almond butter
  • fresh berries
  • drizzle of syrup
  • one scrambled egg
  • hazelnut with cream
  • big glass of water

Perfect breakfast. Now, we have one of those ordinary Saturdays that I love…quiet time around the house, cleaning, laundry…and a little food prep – we’re cooking dinner tonight for my parents and Anthony’s parents for Father’s Day….looking forward to it. And, hopefully, I’ll fit a workout in somewhere.

Have a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Saturday at home

  1. Sounds like my Saturday morning too! We slept in and am just enjoying our morning which is rare since we’re always on the go even on Saturdays.

  2. i loooooove lazing around on the weekends!!! exactly what i am doing right now 🙂

  3. I heart french toast. ALOT. And you don’t cover it with powdered sugar either. Nice!

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