Chocolate + PB2 + Strawberries

Happy Friday!

I love this breakfast combo….


I pour the milk into my bowl first, stir in a couple of spoonfuls of PB2, add the cereal and berries…delish!


Perfectly satisfying.

I hope you have a great Friday! Off to work….


6 responses to “Chocolate + PB2 + Strawberries

  1. PB2 is awesome in cereal! I love the chocolate one, too. Great breakfast 🙂

  2. They just started selling that Honey Sunshine at Costco, so I might give it a whirl.

    Your package is finally here and I’ll be sending it out whenever I get some free time. I’m so sorry, but working 6 days a week while one of the girls is on medical leave BLOWS!

  3. Mmm, I never thought of using PB2 in my cereal before! Good idea! Happy Friday 🙂

  4. Good morning Ms Angie. I haven’t tried the Kashi Honey Sunshine yet. I almost bought it this week. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl next week. I hope life is beautiful for you. Have a good one!

  5. that combo sounds amazing!!! love cereal combos 🙂

  6. kashi honey sunshine is delicious! i’m sure combined with chocolate and pb powder it would be even better!

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