Busy first day back = eating on the run!

Wow – my first day back at work after vacation was a little wild- it is always hard to get caught up after being gone for over a week….but I think by 5:30- I had almost returned all of my most pressing e-mail and voicemails. Yay- tomorrow will be better!

Such a busy day meant that my meals and snacks weren’t very well planned. I had packed some fage yogurt and blueberries for a morning snack, but I never got to it…I did have one of these yummy TJ’s Five Seed Almond Bars- I had one yesterday for the first time, and they are really good! They have flax, poppy, sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds along with almonds, and a nice gingerbready flavor…perfect for a quick snack in my busy morning!


I finally got around to lunch during my 2:00 meeting….grilled chicken caesar salad from our hospital cafe….quick and really good!


And, this afternoon- one of my co-workers, Andi, showed up with coffee for everyone….so thoughtful! She ordered me an iced mocha with half the chocolate- it was perfect and delish on a busy afternoon. It is so nice to work with such thoughtful people!


I am so excited to be at home! I think this is the first evening that Anthony and I have been at home in what seems like weeks- really, more like 10 days! But, I can’t wait to have dinner at home, catch up on some blogs, and relax with my sweet husband. Have a great evening!


4 responses to “Busy first day back = eating on the run!

  1. Doesn’t it feel so great to finally be “back to normal” after being gone for some time? I mean, I always have so much fun on vacations, but time away always makes me realize how great my life/home truly is!

    The TJ bars look great. I really don’t think they sell those here, I’ve never seen them!

  2. That’s so nice she brought coffee for everyone! Have fun relaxing after a busy day!

  3. Those almond bars look really good, and how nice that she brought coffee! Enjoy your evening 🙂

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