Waffle Bowl to go

Happy Sunday!

It was so nice to sleep in our own bed last night…I slept like a rock and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning…But, I had to get up for church and my toddlers room volunteer duty today. Since I stayed in bed as long as possible, I was running late (as usual) – but I was craving waffles…I had picked these up last night at the grocery store. I used to buy them all the time, but, for some reason, I had forgotten them for a while.


Since I needed a portable breakfast- I toasted one waffle, threw it in a bowl….added some Naturally More almond butter, a drizzle of syrup and some fresh blueberries- with my travel mug of coffee that Anthony made…this was the perfect breakfast on the run. I was able to eat in the car while Anthony drove…not my favorite way to eat breakfast…but staying in bed was just too important to me today!


After church, we’re back in the car- Anthony’s dad is having surgery in Nashville tomorrow morning- so this afternoon we’re driving to Nashville (about a 3-hour drive) to spend the night with my friend Michael and awaken bright and early to be at the hospital at 6 am….

Have a great Sunday!


5 responses to “Waffle Bowl to go

  1. It is always so good to sleep on your own bed!!I hope the surgery goes well!!

  2. You are just like me when it comes to breakfast. I very rarely just grab an easy sport/energy bar, or granola bar to eat for breakfast. Even when I am in a huge hurry I still manage to find a way to get in a “homemade” breakfast of sorts! Very clever with the waffle bowl 🙂

    I hope your father-in-law’s surgery goes well.

  3. I so understand that you sometimes just have to get the extra few minutes of sleep… 🙂 But your breakfast on-the-go looks very good!

    I hope the surgery goes well.

  4. I got all excited when I saw your title- I was expecting to see a waffle cone bowl with some ice cream! Good luck with the drive and your FIL’s surgery.

  5. Yummy breakfast! I hope the surgery goes well–I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.

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