The fishing trip that wasn’t

We started this morning with the plan of driving about 45 minutes up the coast to go on a 1/2 day deep sea fishing trip….I’ve never been before, and I almost changed my mind and decided not to go…but I decided it would be a fun new adventure. When we got there at 8:15 this morning…the trip was set for 8:30 – we saw quickly that the boat looked really full and we were informed that unfortunately, the boat was already full – even though we had made reservations…it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when the rental car that Jerry had reserved was not available…do you remember that episode- it was so funny – “I don’t think you understand what a reservation is”…if you remember that episode of, that is a really funny line…I wasn’t exactly laughing this morning…but oh well- they did give us free tickets to go tomorrow.

Breakfast was a quick bowl of Special K and coffee and we ran out the door…after our fishing trip fell through…we came back to the condo and hung out by the beach…we had a great set-up – we got a huge beach umbrella yesterday and we had our i-pod connected to our little cooler so we stayed there for hours.

Lunch was a quick and yummy sandwich of ham, turkey, tomato and avocado on double fiber bread with some sun chips and a pickle.


Then, we headed back out to the beach. Emma Kate and I had the same “hat and sunglasses”  look going on. (And thanks for all the sweet comments about Emma Kate- she is definitely a doll and I love her like crazy).


And Emma Kate spent a little time reading…


Then, after many hours outside, and about a 30-minute walk on the beach, we headed in to get cleaned up and we took a little nap…such a nice afternoon.

Dinner was at a Calabash Seafood restaurant…buffet style…I tried to have a little of all the things I love without going overboard. I started with a crab cake, a couple of fried scallops, a fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, some bourbon salmon, and some crab legs…and a salad.


After that, I had one more plate of crab legs and then a small bowl of ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce and two huge strawberries…


Am I totally exploiting these photos of Emma Kate and Anthony? I can’t help it – they are so cute!


Now, we’re back at the condo, and I think we’re going to play some card games and go to bed…I guess we’ll plan to get up early again tomorrow and try the fishing trip again.

Have a great Monday night!

Thanks Chad and Heather for taking care of boot camp class and weight loss class tonight!!


9 responses to “The fishing trip that wasn’t

  1. aw, I’m sorry your plans didn’t work out. Better luck tomorrow!
    And Emma Kate is So precious! Oh my God…gorgeous eyes…I can stare at it all day…and tee hee! Love that pic of her reading!

  2. Aww, sorry about the fishing trip. That’s no fun. I hope you can go tomorrow!

    Love the pictures! Emma Kate is so adorable. Have a great night 😀

  3. So sorry that the fishing plans didn’t workout! The seafood dinner is the second best thing about the post,the first being little Emma Kate. She is so adorable!!

  4. I LOVE Seinfeld! Such a bummer you got up early AND drove 45 min to get there! Better luck tomorrow, but looks like the day turned out really nice anyway! Men with babies always gets me!!

  5. HOLY CRAB LEGS!!! Yum yum yum. And, holy strawberries! Those things are HUGE! I hope the fishing is successful today. Good luck!

  6. Oh my gosh, that little Emma Kate is such a dollbaby! Look at her little rolls on her arms …awww!!

    Sorry the fishing plans didn’t work out – I totally remember that Seinfeld episode, lol 🙂

  7. Hi Angie,
    AHHH…the fun continues on vacation. Love it.

    Just wanted to swing by to say hello. I left a little award for you on my site…just wanted to make sure you knew.
    have a great day…and thanks for all you give so generously through your blog!

  8. I hope you got to go fishing today. Great pictures! Emma Kate is soooo cute… 🙂

  9. The seafood looks AWESOME!!! So is the snap of your hubby and niece-cho chweet 🙂

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