New Recipes + Great Giveaway

Happy Friday evening!

Here are 3 new recipes! (2 are from my cooking class this past Monday that I promised to share)….from my post Busy Day…..

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers



Bruschetta Primavera


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

They all are 3 excellent – I’d definitely recommend them all! 

Also, check out a great Self-Tanner Giveaway by Skinny Menny!  I really need some self tanner!

We have our bags packed (mostly) and we’re ready to go! We’re leaving tomorrow morning around 8 am for a 7-hour drive to the South Carolina coast…I am so looking forward to a week of relaxation and fun in the sun and SLEEP! It should be a fun week and it is our first road trip together…we’ve traveled together to Ixtapa, Mexico, Cozumel, Negril, Jamaica…but this is our first road trip…I’m so excited- I probably won’t sleep well. I’m planning to blog from our trip…hopefully to share some good ideas for eating healthy on vacation while still enjoying some special treats!

Have a great night!


6 responses to “New Recipes + Great Giveaway

  1. Yum, thanks for the recipes! Those portobello burgers look fabulous.

    Have a great night!

  2. I was blown away the first time I tried portobello mushroom caps in a burger! It was incredible! The toppings were goat cheese, roasted red pepper and spinach. Yum 🙂

  3. I am a big fan of everything mushroom and will give portobellos a try soon. Haven’t tasted them yet. Your recipe is simple, something even I can make.

    At first I thought these were sliders. That’s how good they look !

    I look forward to reading your posts from S.C., but will understand if it doesn’t happen. After ll, you are on vacation.

    Bon voyage!

  4. Thanks for sharing the recipes! I can’t wait to try them.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  5. Have a great trip!!
    P.S:thanks for sharing the recipes 🙂

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